Normanville SLSC | Architects Ink

Beach culture holds a prominent position in Australian lifestyle and identity, with the Surf Club playing a crucial role.

Architects Ink was engaged to design a new Surf Club for the Normanville foreshore. Intent on preserving a township identity, the volume was carefully articulated to reduce visual mass. The intentional stepping of the program and balcony edge creates an open connection with the plaza, beach, and heritage dunes.

Material selections are familiar and suggest longevity, allowing the structure to sit comfortably within its coastal environment. Concrete rendered masonry anchors the building, akin to protective seawalls, while weatherboard wraps the upper level. The fenestration of the corner balconies and patrol room is reminiscent of light framed beach tents.

Since opening, Normanville SLSC has been warmly embraced, seeing a record intake of new memberships. This not only supports the club’s sustainability but creates an enduring legacy for this beloved coastal town.

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