Morgan Street Revitalization | DESIGNANDARCHITECTURE and M.Ramsay

The Morgan Street Revitalisation project in Mount Morgan, Central Queensland, aims to rejuvenate the town’s main streetscape and bring its unique history into the foreground. With a focus on safety and accessibility, the project transforms the existing layout, which includes a park flanked by one-way roads and shops into a more inclusive space. Landscaping and meandering paths take people on a journey of exploration through the town’s history, while seating areas are provided for moments of reflection, along with an improved street crossing for local students.
Key historical elements such as The Running the Cutter Statue and The Mafeking Bell have been preserved and added. And steel arbours inspired by the old opencut mines replace the deceased Tree of Knowledge, offering shade and paying homage to the town’s mining history. This revitalisation project blends landscape and history, offering a unique and accessible public space that honours Mount Morgan’s unique heritage.

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