Cocobrew Express Coffee Drive Thru | DESIGNANDARCHITECTURE

Cocobrew Express, located on the outskirts of Yeppoon, Queensland, challenges the conventional Drive Thru model while enhancing both motorist and pedestrian experience. The project reimagines the typical Drive Thru by establishing the architecture itself as a prominent landmark, rather than relying on separate signage. Despite its compact footprint, the building’s unique roof form reaches over 9 meters high and stands out. Clear entry and exit points aid navigation and ensure smooth vehicular circulation, while a streamlined ordering system promotes human interaction. These elements combine to foster a sense of community between staff and customers.

Recognizing the importance of pedestrian experience, the design includes a dedicated walkup window and seating area, catering to visitors and staff from the nearby hospital and retail establishments. Cocobrew Express not only reimagines the Drive Thru typology but also promotes connectivity and community in the region, making it a distinctive addition to Central Queensland’s built environment.

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