The Estate | Luke Moloney Architecture

The Estate | Luke Moloney Architecture | Photographer: Tom Ferguson

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

The Estate | Luke Moloney Architecture

Traditional Land Owners

New South Wales

Interior Architecture
Trinder Alpine Constructions
Luke Moloney
Tom Ferguson
Project summary

In the remote high country of New South Wales stands The Estate. Built for a prominent pastoral family, the house was once the centre of a working farm.

Time had not been kind; the new owners faced a substantial amount of work.

The floor plan was edited to enhance the gracious salon-like quality of the interior. New elements were introduced as crisp counterpoints to the older fabric.

There’s an easy blend of history and modernity in the house – an apparent lightness of touch that belies the substantial overhaul.

Derelict interiors of the old service wing were removed, the walls braced, and a new double-height library created.

Furnishing of the library and the dining room was undertaken with help from Arent & Pyke.

The work has taken much time to complete, which is how it should be – the intention is that it will help the house last for many years to come.

National Architecture Awards Accolades
Shortlist – Heritage
New South Wales Architecture Awards Accolades
Award for Heritage
Shortlist – Heritage
Shortlist – Interior Architecture
New South Wales Jury Presentation

Renovating our home has been a real project – it has given us lots to do! When we bought the place the house was lived in by two families of possums, pigeons, and the plumbing connections were orange Nylex garden hoses. It has come a long way.
The pleasure of living here is intense – sitting on the verandah under the big skies of the Monaro is a daily joy.
he The old house is a real sanctuary for us and our family.
Luke (architect) and Rob (builder) have worked hard so the house still feels old – refreshed, rather than renovated.

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The Estate | Luke Moloney Architecture | Photographer: Tom Ferguson

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