LMS Energy Headquarters | DesignInc

LMS Energy Headquarters | DesignInc | Photographer: Sam Noonan

2024 National Architecture Awards Program

LMS Energy Headquarters | DesignInc

Traditional Land Owners

South Australia

Interior Architecture
Shape Australia
Sam Noonan
Project summary

LMS Energy Headquarters in Adelaide marks a significant shift from traditional operations to a hybrid workplace, encouraging industry, employees, and families to unite as a community. The repurposed building spans two levels connected by a central light-filled stairway. A tiered planter and seating area beneath the stairs serves as a waiting area that leads into a spacious kitchen and gathering space. Different work settings support the open plan offices, including quiet rooms and booths and formal and informal collaboration spaces that promote teamwork and offer flexibility for remote employees. The design team has chosen eco-friendly materials and incorporated greenery, glazing film, and curtains to reduce solar heat gain. A rooftop solar array powers the building, and the underground car park houses two electric vehicle chargers. The new headquarters reflects LMS Energy’s innovative industrial spirit while maintaining a commitment to environmental and social sustainability.

We could never have anticipated that our new headquarters would be better than we imagined – a beautiful, practical, and contemporary workspace with everything we want or need. The new office is a home away from home for our employees and has brought many staff back to the office after the pandemic. Our needs and desires were well understood by the design team, who exceeded our expectations in delivering design concepts we now don’t know how we lived without while managing the challenges of renovating an existing building.

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Chris Sales, Cost Consultant
Systems Solutions, Services Consultant

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LMS Energy Headquarters | DesignInc | Photographer: Sam Noonan

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