Food Innovation Precinct, Western Australia | i2C Architects

Food Innovation Precinct, Western Australia | i2C Architects | Photographer: Site Visuals

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Food Innovation Precinct, Western Australia | i2C Architects

Traditional Land Owners
Bindjareb People

Western Australia

Commercial Architecture
Cooper & Oxley
Michael Conroy
Site Visuals
Project summary

The Food Innovation Precinct Western Australia is a state of the art facility has been designed to inspire Western Australian growers and producers, to build a robust and vibrant food and beverage manufacturing sector. The precinct pays homage to the regions unique identity through cohesive detailing that balances industrial and agricultural characteristics.

Our vision was to imbue the facility’s design with a progressive character, developing a unity throughout the precinct with particular form and material selection, whilst maintaining a uniqueness to each of the individual facilities through various combinations of those selections.

The exposed steel frame and bracing alongside the dark shiplap cladding defines a narrative of farming and agricultural facilities, while natural timber panels are also fashioned to create external harmony that frame the transient social spaces. Unpolished concrete, brickwork and dense landscaping are used to create an external environment that is congenial to the built form.

Western Australia Jury Presentation

The design of the building extends the functionality of how it will be used. Each building represents a discrete ecosystem, but they also gather and engage around common areas. The design increases the opportunities for cross-pollination between the users of each building.

Visitors have been struck by the distinctive design, which is arresting in its structure, and yet also inviting because of the clever use of wood and materials. It’s notable how people visiting the Precinct always spend time looking at it from the outside before they enter – there is something about the presence of it that captures the attention.

Project Practice Team

Chris Egan, Design Architect
Daniel Machaj, Construction Service Documentation Updates
Fion Koh, Construction Service Documentation Updates
Hoss Zamani, Documentation
Justin Young, BIM
Lauren Green, Documentation
Luke Spiccia, Construction Coordination
Martin Dubojski, Documentation
Michael Kirkovski, Documentation
Mizan Ohman, Documentation
Rick Gartner, Project lead | Documentation and Construction director
Wanchee Koh, Documentation

Project Consultant and Construction Team

E Rated Role, Energy Compliance
EPCAD, Landscape Consultant
LCI Consultants, Services Consultant
Lucid Consulting, Services Consultant
Peritas Group, Structural and Civil Engineer
Realcom, Project Manager
Resolve Group, BCA Consultant
Reverberate, Acoustic Consultant

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Food Innovation Precinct, Western Australia | i2C Architects | Photographer: Michael Conroy

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