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Duplex Muse | MAKO Architecture | Photographer: The Guthrie Project

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Duplex Muse | MAKO Architecture

Traditional Land Owners
Ngunnawal Country

Australian Capital Territory

Residential Architecture – Houses (Alterations and Additions)
Walmsley Building Solutions
The Guthrie Project
Project summary

The project is to improve and expand a modest 3 bedroom ‘ex-govvie’ house to accommodate the needs of a growing family.

The central idea of the proposal was to undertake‘surgery’ to the existing dwelling to allow the placement of a new wing accommodating additional living space and study area, along with a new garage with associated workshop. The organisation of the new spaces both maximises amenity for the residents, providing connections to the garden that embrace the notion of the ‘home’ occupying the entire site not just the building envelope, and to ameliorate impacts on the adjacent ‘other half’ o the duplex home.

The approach to detailing and materials selection goes beyond the simply aesthetic but seeks to acknowledge the deeper qualities of the elements – thermal mass, structural function, connections. As such materials are left exposed and utilised to compose the spaces rather than concealed by an applied finish.

ACT Jury Presentation

We needed to extend our “family space” and were looking for a design that gave us light, air, and functionality.

The design achieves this, and so much more. It is a beautiful space that you want to be in. It serves multiple purposes for our family, and is a space we can play, relax, dance, and eat, sometimes all at once. We can cozy up as a family unit, or host a group of friends without a worry.

The design has introduced the simplicity into our lives that we were looking for.

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Endeavour Joinery, Joiner

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Duplex Muse | MAKO Architecture | Photographer: The Guthrie Project

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