2019 NSW President's Prize winner | Caroline Pidcock LFRAIA | Photographer: Alexander Mayes

About the NSW President's Prize

2020 winner Dr Kirsten Orr, LFAIA

This prize is awarded at the discretion of the NSW Chapter President and is given to an individual who has made a substantial contribution to the profession of architecture.

In a year where resilience and tenacity has played an important role for us all, Dr Orr has been a rock providing constant support to the profession in NSW.

Beyond our current challenges of 2020, she has devoted her career to creating and nurturing a robust architectural profession, her commitment to delivering a quality built environment benefitting not only practising architects but the whole of our society.

In awarding the prize for 2020, Chapter President Kathlyn Loseby commends Dr Orr for her compassion and vision.

2020 NSW President's Prize

Congratulations Dr Kirsten Orr, LFAIA

Dr Orr is an authentic leader whose knowledge is shared generously. She has contributed to the profession in academia, accreditation, public service and in the continuing professional enrichment of the profession. Of note is her exhaustive research on the architectural framework and the national competency standards.

In a time where the education and competency of members of the building industry are under scrutiny, the work Dr Orr has done in this field has ensured that architects continue to be a trusted profession whose voice is one of knowledge and capability.

Kirsten is a well-rounded architect, having started her career with 15 years in architectural practice; first for Crawford Partners and then as a sole practitioner for 12 years.

Kirsten has demonstrated significant leadership from her academic positions as Dean of the School of Technology, Environment and Design at the University of Tasmania, Associate Professor and Head of School and Course Director Master of Architecture and Bachelor of Design in Architecture at the University of Technology Sydney.

Kirsten has been the Chair of six (6) Accreditation Review Panels to accredit Australian and New Zealand architecture programs.

Kirsten is the author of the AIA document ‘Institutionalising National Standards: A history of the incorporation of the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia and the National Competency Standards in Architecture, and the AACA document ‘Australian Architectural Education and Competency Framework: Report on Consultation Process.’

In awarding the prize for 2020, Chapter President Kathlyn Loseby commends Dr Orr for her compassion, vision, and constant support to help and encourage students, registering architects and practising architects to make this world a better and healthier place through quality design. 

2019 NSW President's Prize

Congratulations Caroline Pidcock LFAIA

Caroline Pidcock is a calm visionary, a tireless advocate for sustainable development, a leader, and an advisor in a diverse range of professional, academic and community areas.

Through her practice’s work, Caroline delivers highly considered outcomes, ever aware of how the creation of the built environment must also shape a sustainable, elegant solution.

Caroline has also distinguished herself through her contribution to the profession and built environment more broadly as president of many organisations, including the NSW Architects Registration Board, the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council, and NSW Chapter of the Institute.

Caroline has never stood still. She has represented the profession and sustainability on the Australian Building Codes Board, Greening Australia NSW,
Bicycle NSW Board and SA Forestry Advisory Board. Additionally, she established and chaired the Living Futures Institute Australia and is currently chair of the 1 Million Women Board, a member of the Alternative Technology Association and on panels for the Sydney Olympic Park Authority, North Sydney Council and Liverpool Design Excellence.

Boundless in her energy and the generosity with which she dedicates it to the wider community, Caroline is now spearheading the Architects Declare movement in Australia. Declaring a climate and biodiversity emergency, the movement advocates regenerative design that seeks not merely to minimise negative environmental impacts, but to reverse damage and have a net-positive impact on the environment. Caroline is approachable, honest, humble, and supportive. Never judgmental, always willing to help and support.

In awarding the prize for 2019, Chapter President Kathlyn Loseby thanks Caroline for her passion, vision, and constant drive to help us all to make this world a better and healthier place through ethical practice and responsible design.