Online: Kosloff Architecture

Presented by founding directors Julian Kosloff and Stephanie Bullock.

Join us as Julian and Stephanie discuss the conceptual framework upon which the practice has been built and elaborate on how this has sustained the growth of the practice, as well as how it has then manifested in the design of specific projects.

18 Innovation Walk | Kosloff Architecture | Photographer: Derek Swalwell

Kosloff Architecture has grown in less than 2 years from its inception to become a practice of 12, with a broad portfolio of work encompassing education, commercial, civic and community projects. Founding Directors Julian Kosloff and Stephanie Bullock believe that the design of an architectural practice should be as carefully considered as the design of a project, requiring the development of a clear conceptual framework, which can then guide every aspect of practice ranging from business development strategy, HR policy, premises, through to ownership structures and succession planning. As well as providing a framework for key decisions and managing growth, this also creates a clear alignment between the drivers for both project and non-project work within the practice.

The core values of their practice that make up this framework will be elaborated on through specific examples including:

Collaboration: collaborating with artist Matt Hinkley on the initial branding guidelines and website, collaborating with artist Callum Morton on 18 Innovation Walk at Monash University.

Impact: establishment of the practice as a BCorp (certification for ethical and sustainable business) and working with an extended group of stakeholders to develop a masterplan for Eaglemont Tennis Club

Aspiration: trialing new methods of working using cloud-based platforms to enable us to run the practice from anywhere, with staff based in different countries, and testing new co-working arrangements through projects like B64 (Melbourne Airports), Bendigo and the design of our own office.

This seminar is worth 1 informal CPD point on viewing this seminar. Please email Tas admin at the Tasmanian Chapter should you wish view this seminar for free.  

Competency Unit: Design and Project Management