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Save ANZAC Hall

The Australian Institute of Architects launched our Hands off Anzac Hall campaign on 7 November 2018, opposing plans to demolish this award-winning building.

The Australian War Memorial is hell-bent on demolishing Anzac Hall, which is at the rear of the main building, as part of its extravagant $500 million redevelopment plans. We understand the War Memorial needs to expand. But seriously why does the War Memorial need to demolish this fit-for-purpose, award-winning building which cost Australian taxpayers $11.3 million to build and is only 17 years old? Surely there were other more sustainable options for expansion which don’t involve demolition and building from new?

As architects, we are passionate about preserving Australia’s heritage and honouring our national history, nowhere more so than the extraordinary service and sacrifice of the servicemen and women. Destroying such an investment – of effort, culture, and family memories – is a waste and mark of disrespect.

The Australian War Memorial is one of our nation’s most significant monuments. The site’s custodians have a duty to discuss any significant changes planned with the community and professional bodies such as the Australian Institute of Architects.  

We need to let federal parliamentarians know that the demolition of Anzac Hall can’t happen. Add your name to our petition calling on all Senators and Members of the House of Representatives to stop this demolition.