The Parks – Red Hill | Stewart Architecture

The Parks Red Hill is a residential development of six buildings bounding Lady Nelson Park. The challenging topography and geometry of the site leads to each building as unique but sharing common architectural design and detailing. Sensitive streetscape character, elegant façades and intriguing roofscape incorporating attic apartments with dormer windows and recessed terraces characterise the development.

Residents engage with their surrounding environment including the park, the local shops, and surrounding streets. The interface with the public realm is achieved through generous setback courtyards, greenery to soften the edges, permeable fencing, wide footpaths with planting, and architectural articulation on the facades.

Generous internal layouts have been carefully designed to provide high quality living space. Quality materials and with no applied finish to allow the façades to age gracefully and with minimal maintenance. Useable recessed balconies, extensive natural ventilation and deep soil planting contribute to a sustainable development.

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