Victorian Architects Assist Outdoor Dining

There is an opportunity for architects to play a critical role in re-opening outdoor dining in the City of Melbourne in the next two weeks.

We are seeking expressions of interest from your practice in undertaking some set price work for the City of Melbourne to assist hospitality venues, in various precincts including the CBD, to develop a site plan and photos as part of their permit application for outdoor dining. This information will then be provided, by the Institute, to the City of Melbourne who will contact your practice to undertake the procurement of your practices services. Completion of information in the form does not involve a guarantee of being engaged to undertake this work.

 The City of Melbourne is seeking architects/practices who:

  1. Are Pre-Qualified Consultants on the Victorian Government Construction Supplier Register (CSR).  To check, visit here and select “Architectural” in the first part of the search engine, or conduct a name-based search in the second part of the search engine.
  2. Have undertaken previous urban design work.
  3. Have undertaken previous hospitality work.
  4. Have undertaken previous work for the City of Melbourne or other local government authorities.

You can register the interest of your practice here. (Please ensure you click ‘DONE’ at the bottom of the form on completion).

If you experience  any technical difficulties with survey completion, please contact Paul Zanatta, Advocacy and Policy Manager, via paul.zanatta@architecture.com.au