Vale Peter Graham Harvey

Peter Gardiner FRAIA recalls Peter Graham Harvey OAM (1928-2023)

Peter G Harvey, founder of Peddle Thorp and Harvey (now trading as Peddle Thorp) passed away on the 23rd of December 2023, at the age of ninety-five.

Peter came to Brisbane from the Sydney practice of Peddle Thorp and Walker in 1963 to open its office in Brisbane. In 1970, with Graham Thorp and other partners, he formed Peddle Thorp and Harvey. Following Graham Thorp’s retirement Peter became Chair of the Peddle Thorp Partnerships from 1988 to 1994. During this period, the Peddle Thorp group was recognised by World Architecture Magazine as one of the ten largest architectural groups in the world.

He oversaw the expansion of the Queensland practice into Cairns and the Gold Coast, and helped establish the Peddle Thorp brand in Melbourne, Darwin, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.  

Over his 30 years of leadership, he established Peddle Thorp as one of Queensland’s most recognised architectural practices. Peter led notable commercial high-rise projects in Brisbane, including AMP Place, 10 Eagle Street (1978) and Comalco Place, 12 Creek Street (1983). He helped conceive Central Plaza (1988), a collaboration with Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa and Peddle Thorp and Walker. These buildings anchored what is known today as Brisbane’s “Golden Triangle” commercial office precinct.

In the ninety’s Peter diversified the practice to institutional and public buildings including libraries, court houses, universities and hospitals.

Vale Peter Graham Harvey OAM (1928-2023)
Vale Peter Graham Harvey OAM (1928-2023)

Peter’s most significant service to Architecture has been his incredible vision, with Graeme Thorp, to expand and take part-ownership in multiple practices throughout Asia. He was a pioneer in the export of Australian design experience. He built enduring relationships with international building and development companies in Australia and overseas. Peter’s affability, commercial ability and intellect won over parochial Queensland business and government clientele. His rigorous design standards and commitment to researching overseas trends, techniques and design principles made Peddle Thorp and Harvey a benchmark choice for commercial projects for decades and set up a foundation that underpins the practice to this day.

In 2017, Peter’s contribution to the Service to Architecture was acknowledged with a Medal of the Order of Australia.

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