Policy and Advocacy Wrap 2020

2020 has been a year of profound reflection and reform within the NSW construction industry.  Our policy and advocacy team has worked closely with the tireless support and leadership of our NSW Chapter President Kathlyn Loseby and numerous dedicated member volunteers to ensure the voice of the profession has been heard at this critical time of change.

We have actively engaged with government on key policy work such as the Building Design and Practitioners Act and draft Regulation, the Certifier Practice Standard, the draft ABCB National Registration Framework review, and the COVID-19 stimulus response. 

We have also prepared a number of substantial submissions with significant implications for members, the wider community and the built environment, from the Housing Diversity SEPP and Design and Place SEPP to the Independent Bushfire Inquiry. In doing so we frequently worked together with other key membership bodies such as PIA and AILA to promote our members’ common interests and raise mutual concerns.

Active and direct engagement with key ministers and media channels has also formed a key element  of our advocacy strategy, particularly  to advance our position on occasions when our critical input has not been readily taken up in the first instance. 

Our commitment to advocate for cultural heritage and sustainability has also remained firm, with the new year set to bring key decisions about the proposed state listing ofNSW buildings of significance such as the MLC Building, North Sydney.

On behalf of the membership we thank our outgoing NSW Chapter President Kathlyn Loseby, whose hard work has put the Institute at the centre of many of these conversations. We also thank  the many committee and working group members who have given so freely of their time and expertise to assist in this important work.