From the National President

Richard Kirk

National President, Richard Kirk. Photo by Toby Scott

5 Feb 2018


As my first note for the year I wish all our members a great year ahead, one with already a very busy program in place. In addition to our usual program we have two major events to look forward to. The first of which is the Venice Biennale, officially opening in May 2018 and running until November. The Repair installation at the Australian Pavilion is set to be an exciting and engaging exhibition (some seeds have already been sown). Closer to home, the National Conference “Edge” will be held on the Gold Coast 6-8 of June and we look forward to revealing the first round of speakers soon. Discover more here, including the Creative Team behind the program as well as exclusive accommodation deals. Early Bird registration closes 16 April.

Institute Elections

The recent Institute elections attracted a great number of candidates at both the State and National levels. We also saw a great increase in the numbers of members voting which demonstrates a fantastic level of engagement and interest in the Institute as a partner in your practices and careers.

This healthy level of engagement demonstrates that the recent governance changes adopted in 2016 have resonated with our members who now see the Institute as not just an organisation to belong to but one in which they want to be involved in. The governance structure has as its primary focus the needs and ambitions of the members and the level of interest from the membership in the elections reflects this.

I want to thank all the members who volunteered themselves as candidates. I congratulate those members who were elected and to thank the retiring members for their contribution over the last two years. Without the dedication and commitment from our members who volunteer their time many of the services the Institute provides could not happen.

At a National level we saw four members seek election as your Nationally-Elected Councillors. I am pleased to welcome the return of Vanessa Bird (VIC) and to welcome Justin Hill (International Chapter) to the National Council.

I also wish to acknowledge the work of Andrew Broffman (NT) who served as NT President on National Council and as an Institute Board member over the last term. Andrew’s contribution, guidance, and wisdom will be sorely missed by myself and fellow Board members.

Digital Transformation Program

Throughout 2018 new initiatives will be delivered providing improved practical levels of engagement with our members and the community through a transformation of our digital systems.  Starting with Acumen, which is already underway, additional packages will roll-out as the year progresses.

National Council has put together a task group to provide the oversight and management of the roll-out and we aim to provide regular updates and to seek your feedback as this major program unfolds.  Both National Council and the Board are very focused on this program as it will provide some of the most important operational tools for the members and our largest investment in a single program at approximately $1.4M. 

The Digital Transformation Program will position the Institute as the primary professional and business ally for our members. I personally look forward to the end of 2018 when many of the major components will be operational. 

Strategic Plan 2018-2020

I encourage you to continue to review this important document that guides the Institute on a day to day basis. It is the result of great deal of effort and excellent input from the membership. All levels of leadership and management rely upon this document from program design through to policy development and advocacy strategies. Read more here.

Richard Kirk
National President