From the CEO

I know I don’t need to remind you that there is just under two weeks until the election. But before you head for the polling booths, I can advise that the Institute has been surveying the major parties on the key issues relevant to the profession.

In next week’s e-news we will be publishing the results of the survey sent to Labor, the Coalition and the Greens on the Institute’s policy priorities. It is hoped that these results will clarify the various positions on issues relevant to our profession and help inform your decision on election day.

Of course, whatever the results, we will continue to lobby the government on our five policy priorities, as outlined earlier this month.

One of the Institute’s key policy priorities is Design Culture and an action relevant to this is that we have recently joined the Australian Design Alliance (AdA), we are one of thirteen industry organisations to do so.

Formed in 2010, the AdA is a strategic partnership of peak professional organisations across a range of disciplines, including design, architecture, urban planning, craft and the arts. This enables greater Institute participation and contribution to the AdA’s work in developing a national design policy.

The AdA has been formed to advocate for a national framework for design that demonstrates the critical role that design and design thinking play as enablers for innovation.

Similar moves to establish peak design bodies are being made internationally in Europe, the US and Asia.

In addition to developing a culture of design in Australia to strengthen economic competitiveness, innovation and sustainability, the ADA aims to increase levels of Australian design advocacy, research, policy development, resources and collaboration. Visit the AdA website for more information

Kind regards,

David Parken.