From the CEO – 25 November 2013

As many members would know the Coalition Government recently introduced legislation to abolish the carbon tax. At the same time it has been holding public consultation about its proposed Emissions Reduction Fund (to buy lowest cost abatement) in order to meet the Coalition’s commitment to reduce Australia’s GHG emissions by 5% of 2000 levels by 2020.

Since 2007 ASBEC has been investigating the contribution which the buildings sector makes to Australia’s GHG emissions and the types of government policies and initiatives that could assist the sector to achieve its significant abatement potential. Previously ASBEC has advocated to the former Government about the role of abatement in the buildings sector complementary to a carbon pollution price.

In response to the Coalition’s recent call for submissions, nine member organisations of ASBEC’s Direct Action Working Group which I chair, have supported an ACIL Allen Consulting report called ‘Delivering abatement through Direct Action’ which was commissioned by the Property Council of Australia. The report outlines suggestions in relation to the design and practice of the proposed Emissions Reduction Fund. ASBEC has also provided information about the significant contribution that the buildings sector could make under the Coalition’s Direct Action Policy and has suggested some guiding principles for the Emissions Reduction Fund.

The Coalition’s further consultation process will consist of a green paper and then white paper with an expectation that the Emissions Reduction Fund will commence in July 2014. ASBEC will continue to contribute during the consultation process and we will keep members informed as this issue progresses.

The first week in December will mark the launch of INSPIRE 2013, the fourth in the ten-volume series charting those projects honoured through the National Architecture Awards.

A record number of projects are featured in this year’s edition – a testament to the increasing number of innovative and excellent architectural works being produced by members each year.

INSPIRE 2013 is available now for pre-order and I hope you enjoy this visual feast as much as I do.

Kind Regards,

David Parken, CEO.