UMCycle Bike Kiosk

UMCycle Bike Kiosk and Cycle Plaza opened in 2017 and is located at the University of Manitoba’s Fort Garry campus, Canada. The built project forms an active transport hub and serves as a campus landmark, linking to The Great Trail. The UMCycle Bike Kiosk was also the first project at the university to incorporate the Indigenous Planning and Design Principles.

In Absence Pavilion

In Absence Pavilion is a built project that invites audiences to understand the fallacy and ongoing legacy of the premise of Terra Nullius. The project sets out to combine contemporary architectural strategies and the semiotic potential of architecture, art and landscape to reveal resonant stories. Completed in 2019, it uses the context of the site and materials to celebrate Indigenous knowledge, heritage, culture and connection to Country.

For our Country – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander memorial

For our Country is a memorial at the Australian War Memorial that commenmorates the military service of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Peoples. The built project was designed by Kudjala/Gangalu/Kuku Yalanji/Waka Waka/Gubbi Gubbi/Wangerriburra/Bandjalung man Daniel Boyd from North Queensland. The memorial manifests a deep connection to the land and reflects importance of protecting Country.

Blak Box

Blak Box is a public art installation meant to encourage visitors to concepts of Indigeneity through sound. The intent of the storytelling project is to travel throughout many Countries utilising music, poetry and language.

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