WA Museum Boola Bardip

The built project, Boola Bardip is a museum in Perth’s renewed cultural centre. Created in collaboration with Aboriginal Advisory Group and Whadjuk Elders, it is a significant public space for history, culture and community.

Reflections Gallery (WA Museum Boola Bardip)

Reflections is one of the permanent gallery spaces a part of the Western Australian Museum, Boola Bardip (Many Stories). The space holds a diverse range of subject areas, highlighting personal stories of being a Western Australian including those of First Australians. The space holds structures that showcase the collection and many stories while highlighting the heritage space of the Jubilee building.

Origins Gallery (WA Museum Boola Bardip)

Origins is one of the permanent gallery spaces that are a part of the Western Australian Museum, Boola Bardip (Many Stories). The Origins gallery explores the relationship between people, space, place and time and draws inspiration from the ancient landscapes of Western Australia. It draws on landforms on Country, Indigenous knowledge and utilises shape, texture, colour and light to transform the space.

Ngalang Koort Boodja Wirn Gallery (WA Museum Boola Bardip)

Ngalang Koort Boodja Wirn is a permanent gallery within the Western Australia Museum, Boola Bardip (Many Stories). Ngalang Koort Boodja Wirn is a cultural and educational space that welcomes people to Whadjuk Nyoongar Country. It serves as the grounding point that sets up the visitor experience and establishes connection with Country.

Changes Gallery (WA Museum Boola Bardip)

Changes is an exhibition space in the Western Australia Museum Boola Bardip. Changes explores transforming landscapes, including the evolution of Western Australia of a millennia and Indigenous knowledge on Country and land management. The built space features interactive multimedia, graphics and objects.

West Kimberly Regional Prison

A built project, the West Kimberley Regional Prison, the first culturally appropriate Indigenous prison. Designed in consultation with Kimberly Elders.

National Museum of the American Indian

The National Museum of the American Indian was established as part of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC, USA. The building serves as an educational space for Native Americans to gather, celebrate and share their culture. The design of the building is representative of Native American culture and was done in collaboration with Elders of North and South American tribes.

Kununurra Courthouse

Kununurra Courthouse is a civic building. The Courthouse was built in response to the historical alienation of Aboriginal people from community and place within courtrooms. The building responds to the different needs of the Indigenous community. The narrative of the structure engages with local Aboriginal culture and responds to landscape and Country.

Girrawaa Creative Work Centre at Bathurst Jail

The Girrawaa Arts Centre at Bathurst Jail was opened in 1998. There was a consultation process undertaken with the Indigenous communities that these buildings were built for to reflect cultural needs. The building design is based on the shape of a goanna, decided upon in collaboration with inmates as it is the totem of the local Wiradjuri community.

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