wukalina krakani-lumi

Updated description. wukalina walk is Palawa owned and operated cultural experience in Northeast Lutruwita/Tasmania. The walk shares Country, culture, community and language.

Walumba Elders Centre

Walumba Elders Centre is a disaster relief response-built project. The Elders Centre provides private accommodation and multiple levels of care to residents as well as public community and cultural spaces.

East Pilbara Arts Centre

East Pilbara Arts Centre is a built project for the community of Newman. Completed in 2016, the site has become an important cultural facility featuring a new art gallery and community spaces. The designs of the building worked with Country, considering the environment and utilising found objects.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre

Uluru-Kata Tjuta is a built project and cultural centre. It’s built sustainability, emphasising a responsibility to the environment and as a celebration of Anangu culture.

Garma Cultural Knowledge Centre

The Garma Cultural Knowledge Centre is a significant cultural centre. Completed in 2014, the built project operates as an adult learning centre, meeting place and a place to protect and showcase cultural artefacts. It is also the site where Yolgnu Elders practice and preserve culture through the Garma Festival. The permanent construction of the centre was intended to enable further activities at the site.

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