Design of Protective Coatings to AS/NZS 2312.1

Prepare and analyse protective coatings design solutions against project brief and National Construction Code (NCC) performance requirements to AS/NZS 2312.1. Identify the importance of utilising specialist protective coatings consultants throughout the design and constructions process. Understand correctly specifying the protective coatings requirements to AS/NZS 2312.1 to ensure appropriate corrosion protection for the project design.

How to Document Rigid Insulation

Learn how to document various types of insulation to achieve compliant building envelopes, along with gaining a greater understanding of the methodologies of condensation management and breathable membranes.

Resilient Flooring Options for the Specifier

This free CPD identifies the different types of resilient flooring and reasons for using this flooring in your design based on NCC requirements, along with key benefits and considerations.
-Armstrong Flooring

Wayfinding Flooring Strategies

This free CPD explains wayfinding foundations including challenges both existing and future, and how flooring contributes to and aids wayfinding design via colour, texture and design.
-Armstrong Flooring

Engineered Timber Buildings – The Architect’s Perspective

This course covers identifying engineered timber products in Australia, selecting the right one for specific purposes, addressing structural and safety considerations, and understanding the architect’s role in prefab construction.
– WoodSolutions

Discover a New Way of Plumbing

Most projects are designed around gravity for wastewater drainage. When one is faced with situations where water simply can’t flow downhill, there are clever products which pump it away.
– Saniflo

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