Vasse House | Joshua Duncan Architect

Vasse House | Joshua Duncan Architect | Photographer: Leo Showell

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Vasse House | Joshua Duncan Architect

Traditional Land Owners
Wardandi people of the Nyoongar nation

Western Australia

Residential Architecture – Houses (New)
Prosser Built
Leo Showell
Project summary

Set within a typically suburban housing estate, Vasse House is a low-cost experiment in informal living. Beyond its suburban site, it is from it’s economic context that Vasse House posits a brighter alternative. Vasse House is a prototype for housing that is relevant to everyday Western Australians, working within the economic constraints of an architecturally underrepresented demographic… _a missing majority_.

With a budget of $250,000 (including GST), the house is comparable in cost to its volume-built neighbours. Like them, it offers four bedrooms, a two-car garage, and a second living space. However, where others in these estates fill the width of their site, Vasse House occupies half of it. Where they ignore orientation and push living rooms and alfrescos to the rear—Vasse House aligns to the north and opens to it, giving each room generous access to light, ventilation, and a view of a sprawling garden.

I have delighted in the effectiveness of the simple rule-of-thumb solar-passive design, as well as the informal living fascilitated by the non-prescriptiove planning. As a sole-practioner architect working from home, I have also been able to enjoy the flexible occupancy dynamics of the house. Clients approach the office from the street through the garden and enter the first of several openings to the veranda.

As proof of concept, I have seen via my new and prospective clients – who are all building in similar residential estates – that the project has piqued the interest of the demographic intended.

Project Practice Team

Joshua Duncan, Project Architect

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Margaret River Structural Engineering, Structural Engineer
The Study, ESD Consultant

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Vasse House | Joshua Duncan Architect | Photographer: Leo Showell

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