The Peacock Centre | Xsquared Architects

The Peacock Centre | Xsquared Architects | Photographer: Natasha Mulhall

2024 National Architecture Awards Program

The Peacock Centre | Xsquared Architects

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Hansen Yuncken
Andrew Rankin
Natasha Mulhall
Xsquared Architects
Project summary

In 2016, North Hobart’s Peacock Centre was significantly damaged by arson.

After substantial investigation, Xsquared Architects established that it would be possible to restore it to its original condition.

The restoration, ‘rising from the ashes’, reflects a parallel vision for a new service model for people with mental health issues in accordance with the world standard Trieste Model of mental health care.

A second devastating arson fire occurred on 24 December 2021 that consumed large parts of the completed work as well as causing significant additional damage. A very large part of the restoration work that had been completed had to be carried out for a second time, and the setback had a massive psychological impact on everyone working on the project.

Notwithstanding, the Peacock Centre has been successfully reinstated as a notable feature of the North Hobart urban environment.

The Peacock Centre has vastly increased community mental health resources in Tasmania, representing a significant shift from traditional hospital-based mental health care to recovery-focused community-based care.

The first of its kind in Tasmania, the new Centre is designed to make mental health care in the community more comfortable, taking a holistic, compassionate approach.
We know the best place for many people to receive mental health care and support is in community settings.

This approach is central to the Peacock Centre, with the design strongly influenced by the voices of those with lived experience and the wider community.

Project Practice Team

Peter Scott, Design Architect
Harriet Kossmann, Graduate
Kate Morrow, Senior Technician

Project Consultant and Construction Team

COVA, Structural Engineer, Services Consultant
Element Tree Services, Arborist
JMG, Town Planner
Liddicoat Design, Mental Health Design Consultant
Matrix Management, Quantity Surveyor
Milan Prodanovic, Traffic Consultant
NVC, Acoustic Consultant
PDA Surveyors, Land Surveyor
Pitt & Sherry Building Surveying, Building Surveyor
Playstreet, Landscape Consultant
Praxis Environment, Heritage Consultant
Prensa, Environmental Health Consultant
Rock Solid Geotechnics, Geotechnical Consultant
Technical Assessing, Loss Adjuster
Norton Loss Adjusting Tasmania, Loss Adjuster

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The Peacock Centre | Xsquared Architects | Photographer: Natasha Mulhall

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