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Sunkissed Higgins | RADS | Photographer: David Sievers

2024 National Architecture Awards Program

Sunkissed Higgins | RADS

Traditional Land Owners

South Australia

Residential Architecture – Houses (Alterations and Additions)
Sustainable Architecture
4 Life Constructions
David Sievers
Project summary

Aussie culture has always been bound to allure of the coast. Sunny days lathered in coconut-scented lotions. Sun blushed skin becomes tanned over the longer days. Rising early to hit the surf before the wind picks up. Salty hair, sandy feet and sinking cold Coronas with friends while the kids run amok.
Welcome to Sunkissed Higgins: A home for 80’s Babies who skipped the big smoke to live the coastal dream.

Our homes’ design speaks to and reflects the nature surrounding us, the ocean and parks. We wake seeing the ocean from almost every room and its orientation & aspects from a design perspective ensure a light, bright and playful space integrating outside and in. The kitchen, dine and living spaces flow beautifully together between decking and lawns in the front and back which enhance our lifestyle and overall wellbeing as a young family. Being in our home (whether entertaining, playing, relaxing, cooking, bathing or skating) is truly such a gift.

Project Consultant and Construction Team

PT Design, Structural Engineer

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Sunkissed Higgins | RADS | Photographer: David Sievers

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