Rhodes House | Cameron Chisholm Nicol

Rhodes House | Cameron Chisholm Nicol | Photographer: Dion Robeson

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Rhodes House | Cameron Chisholm Nicol

Traditional Land Owners
Whadjuk people of the Nyoongar nation

Western Australia

Commercial Architecture
Interior Architecture
Dion Robeson
Project summary

Rhodes House was designed to the client’s brief to deliver a benchmark project of the highest quality that incorporated key sustainability initiates. The building is steeped in references to the company’s history and achievements, while providing premium space designed to meet a 5 Star Green Star and PCA Grade A criteria.

Generous amenity is provided with access to outdoor and social spaces, including the Café, ground floor lobby, landscaped forecourt and fully fit out communal roof terrace. These spaces encourage informal gathering, collaboration, and allow access to daylight and fresh air. Internally, Under Floor Air Distribution System supports a high indoor air quality.

Rhodes House is an efficient, flexible and user-focused office building permeated with the client’s historical narrative and innovative character.

To attract tenants, generous amenities, access to fresh air, natural light and the use of robust, quality finishes of natural textures were used throughout. A consistent palate of vertical battens, timber veneer, travertine and porcelain tiles, brass trims and black accents.

Sourced from the same region the company worked in earthmoving, mining and transportation before moving into agriculture, the external Pilbara marble cladding is also used internally, creating a continuity between inside and outside.

The interior design of Rhodes House complements the architecture to deliver a premium office space that is comfortable, supports a variety of uses and aims to create a high quality experience for the user.

Western Australia Jury Presentation

Rhodes House is a building which manifests the core values of our company, DFD Rhodes. Self-reliance, determination, and innovation.

Historically a mining and resources company, and more recently with interests in agriculture, the use of locally sourced Western Australian red Pilbara marble provides a constant reference to our company’s origins. The bold architectural form combined with an emphasis on air quality and sustainability initiatives typifies our vision for the future.

We have worked closely with the architects to ensure that we have a company headquarters that is designed to specifically represent our daily needs and corporate identity.

Project Practice Team

Ben Tremlett, Project Architect
Dominic Snellgrove, Project Director
Griselda Frenandez, Architect
Keat Tan, Design Architect
Louise Ignatescu, Interior Designer
Rachel Tallon, Graduate of Architecture

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Alpha Zeta, Hydraulic Consultant
Alpha Zeta, Wet Fire Consultant
Aurecon, ESD Consultant
Diatom, Air Quality
Griffiths Architects, Heritage Consultant
JMO Facades, Façade Engineer
Napier and Blakeley, Quantity Surveyor
Realm Studios, Landscape Consultant
Resolve Group, Building Surveyor
Stantec, Acoustic Consultant
Stantec, Civil Consultant
Stantec, Electrical Consultant
Stantec, Fire Engineer
Stantec, Mechanical Consultant
Stantec, Structural Engineer
Stantec, Vertical Transport
Talis Consultants, Waste Consultant

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Rhodes House | Cameron Chisholm Nicol | Photographer: Dion Robeson

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