Pinnell & Long House | Harrison and White

Pinnell & Long House | Harrison and White | Photographer: Luke Ray

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Pinnell & Long House | Harrison and White

Traditional Land Owners


Residential Architecture – Houses (Alterations and Additions)
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Luke Ray
Project summary

Modest from the street, this reworking of an existing California Bungalow in the middle north of Melbourne has remade a family house to create light-filled and connected living spaces.

The original house, with no heritage protection, is treated carefully and with respect. An original weatherboard extension with poor ceiling heights and layout is removed. In contrast to the original, the new work is solid brick, and constantly opening up to a series of outdoor spaces. The extension creates a series of courtyards, making the most of the whole site. The design focuses on expressing material quality over form – exposed brickwork in two types ‘keys’ together inside and out. The house is defined by a series of tall double brick walls with timber infill between. A flat roof houses solar panels and allows for future adaptability.

Victorian Jury Presentation

The striking combination of brick, wood and tiles has been beautifully interwoven by the architects creating this stunning design that we love to come home to everyday.

The mix of indoor and outdoor spaces with the decks and glass means there is a lovey interaction between the interior and the exterior in the home. The design during covid means we have a wonderful home-work space, and a thoughtful approach to how we work, interact and relax at home as a family.

In the words our daughter, Audrey (8) ‘It is like I never imagined it to be!’

Project Practice Team

Rachel Ang, Graduate of Architecture and Documentation

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Pinnell & Long House | Harrison and White | Photographer: Luke Ray

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