Loftus Apartments | Carrier and Postmus Architects

Loftus Apartments | Carrier and Postmus Architects | Photographer: Jack Lovel

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Loftus Apartments | Carrier and Postmus Architects

Traditional Land Owners
Whadjuk people of the Nyoongar nation

Western Australia

Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing
Dale Alcock Projects (DAP)
Chris Mewburn
Jack Lovel
Project summary

The Loftus Apartments by Carrier and Postmus Architects reflects in its spatiality, materials and landscape relationships of the private and public, locale, memory and aspiration.

The project is about echoing human scale and the locale. A toned base at street is enriched with landscape, underpinning the upper levels of shimmering white brick. Sculpted concrete and brickwork provide a robust quality. Residences are protected from the busy street by solid façade with recessed windows framing city views internally. Protected balconies and terraces provide a panorama to the City.

Generous, livable environments connected to outdoor amenities and environment is key with architecture and landscape presenting as a unified ensemble. Landscape is threaded through entry, vistas and gardens. A sculpted heart provides communal access offers panoramas of city and nature, with spatial generosity for solar + ventilation, social interactions + privacy.

Western Australia Jury Presentation

The architects have done an outstanding job: strong conceptually, elegant and meticulously considers the smallest aspects of living.

The face brickwork is a key benefit, feeling so natural and considered.

Natural light, tall windows and doors, including entry and relationship to the landscape are generous.

I love the landscape. It’s just beautiful and open at centre. Love the selections, layering and mature trees to shade the western sun.

The outdoor connections are a surprise. I often bring my scooter up from street to unit with ease. I bump into my neighbours frequently at the stairs and chat.

Project Practice Team

Cassandra Kural, Graduate of Architecture
Chris McMahon, Graduate of Architecture
Jeremy Su, Project Architect
Justin Carrier, Design Architect
Qian Yun Say, Graduate of Architecture
Steven Postmus, Project Team and Integrated Landscape Design

Project Consultant and Construction Team

ACCE, Structural Engineer
Allerding & Associates, Town Planner
CADDS Group, ESD Consultant
Carrier and Postmus Architects (CAPA Studio), Landscape Consultant
Planning Solutions, Town Planner

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Loftus Apartments | Carrier and Postmus Architects | Photographer: Jack Lovel

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