KPMG Workplace | Cox Architecture

KPMG Workplace | Cox Architecture | Photographer: Christopher Frederick Jones

2024 National Architecture Awards Program

KPMG Workplace | Cox Architecture

Traditional Land Owners
Turrbal and Jagera Country




Interior Architecture
Christopher Frederick Jones
Project summary

The narrative for KPMGs workplace is a meeting place that is alive with the stories of it’s people.

The workplace is derived as a series of meeting places and courtyards creating unique and memorable moments for KPMG to connect to their people, clients, and communities. The workspace continues the story telling narrative in the form of a range of alternative and diverse work settings, which give KPMG the ability to collaborate across disciplines and develop deeper connections.

Cox worked in close collaboration with Gilimbaa to meaningfully embed connection to lands of the Turrbal and Jagera peoples, through the cultural narrative of Every footprint tells a story. The resolution embeds the narrative through a digital and kinetic artwork throughout the workplace journey.

This is a brilliant workplace with exceptional spaces for our staff and clients to connect, collaborate, grow and make a significant impact.

The level of diversity and adaptability is a game changer and will enable us to continue our evolution of how we work and engage with each other.

Thanks to the COX team for your patience, passion, design insight and your ability to bring the many conversations we have had to life.

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Alder Tech, AV Consultant
Arden Architectural Stair Cases, Stair Case Consultant
CBRE, Project Manager
Cini Little, Food Service Consultants
FDC, Builder
Gilimbaa, Community
Inertia, Structural Engineer
Kore Joinery, Joinery Consultant
McKenzie Group, BCA + DDA Consultant
Security Consulting Group, Security
Slattery, Quantity Surveyor
Stantec, Acoustic Consultant
Warrington Fire, Fire Engineering

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KPMG Workplace | Cox Architecture | Photographer: Christopher Frederick Jones

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