Horizon Beach House | Crosier Scott & Associates

Horizon Beach House | Crosier Scott & Associates | Photographer: amnixon photography

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Horizon Beach House | Crosier Scott & Associates

Traditional Land Owners
Eastern Maar


Regional Prize (VIC)
Residential Architecture – Houses (New)
BCM Homes
amnixon photography
Josh Driscoll
Project summary

Nestled against a stunning backdrop of coastal scrub and ocean views, Horizon Beach House is a contemporary new home that seamlessly blends design and environmental elements.

The design of the house takes advantage of existing falls across the site, essentially moulding the structure into the slope, ensuring that the building envelope and roof heights preserve and celebrate precious ocean views while providing a retreat for family and friends, including aging-in-place options for elderly parents.

The house features open-plan spaces, full-height glass doors, and balconies with stunning views, and is designed to evoke a sense of permanence in the harsh coastal environment.

A building that is functional, striking and resilient, Horizon Beach House showcases the ability of architecture to respond to the needs of its inhabitants while also enhancing and preserving the natural beauty of its surroundings, exemplifying the principles of responsive and resilient design.

Victorian Jury Presentation

Horizon is truly a dream come true for us. The design team captured our vision and together we transformed it into a beautiful reality. We are in awe of the way our love for concrete has been showcased. It is a true reflection of who we are and our connection to this amazing place.

The house is a collection of stunning spaces with breathtaking views, perfect for enjoying time with family and friends.

The focus on sustainability and resilience is evident in the relationship between the house and the nature that surrounds it. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Project Practice Team

Alan Cubbon, Director / Architect
Daniel Noy, Graduate of Architecture
Shilo De Bono, Design Architect

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Alan Barham, Structural Engineer
David Moyle, Owner/ Builder
Paal Grant, Landscape Consultant

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Horizon Beach House | Crosier Scott & Associates | Photographer: amnixon photography

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