Griffith Street House | Nicole Milne

Griffith Street House | Nicole Milne | Photographer: Christopher Frederick Jones

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Griffith Street House | Nicole Milne

Traditional Land Owners
The Turrbal people




Residential Architecture – Houses (Alterations and Additions)
Christopher Fredrick Jones
Project summary

Griffith Street House was built in 1929 and our family lived in the house for 12 years before renovating and our experience informed how we changed the house to better suit our family’s needs.

The house needed to be functional, to respectfully connect to the original character home and, most importantly, be a comfortable and relaxing family retreat.

Within the house, the separation and complex relationship between the public and private parts of the house were dysfunctional and fine tuning the relationship of these spaces was essential to the home’s successful function. Bedrooms and study were placed on the upper level away and all other more public spaces were placed downstairs, with flexibility to separate areas as required.

To create a calm atmosphere, it was important to merge indoor and outdoor spaces by incorporating large openings and vistas to landscape and the backyard.

As architect and client, I had analysed our family’s requirements for more than a decade and strategically designed spaces to address these needs. Our house is now extremely functional – finally, everything has a home! – but it is also very comfortable and welcoming. The new design has created a calmer world for our busy family and it continues to surprise and delight us; for example, the design now captures so many different views of the moon and the sun.

I was determined to respect the original character house, and am pleased that it inspired the new design’s scale, material and detail.

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Andrew Spencer Landscaping, Landscape Consultant
Excio Group Pty Ltd, Structural Engineer

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Griffith Street House | Nicole Milne | Photographer: Christopher Frederick Jones

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