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The Institute is committed to proactively promoting equity, fairness and equality in practice and the profession, including equal access to opportunities, resources and the built environment. We will foster, value, respect and celebrate the contributions of those who bring diverse experiences, views and needs so that everyone can benefit from good architecture.

Diversity and Inclusion initiatives at the Institute include:

National Diversity and Inclusion Survey and Focus Groups  

Development of the future Diversity and Inclusion Policy for the Institute

This policy is anticipated to be issued for endorsement to National Council and approval to the Board in Quarter 1 2024.

The Diversity and Inclusion project is an initiative of the National Committee for Gender Equity (NCGE)


The Institute believes that providing equal opportunities to all is a vital element in encouraging creativity and a promoting a more relevant, sustainable and dynamic profession.

Over the years, we have continuously ensured that we engage fairly with all our members, staff, and stakeholders. We have also taken actions to promote an architecture profession that welcomes diversity and offers more equitable access to opportunities for all regardless of gender and background.

Equity initiatives at the Institute include:

Development of the Gender Equity Policy
This policy outlines 11 principles as the foundation for the equal participation of women within the profession.

Establishment of the National Committee for Gender Equity (NCGE)
NCGE comprises a diverse membership and provides meaningful contributions both within and outside the Institute.

Formation of gender equity groups in various chapters of the Institute

Regular hosting of relevant events and projects in collaboration with industry partners

Diversity and Inclusion Survey Report

Diversity and Inclusion in the Architectural Profession

This report is the result of the Institute’s first national Diversity & Inclusion Survey.

The report presents profession-specific demographics, diversity and inclusion data not previously collected by the Institute. Where possible, the data collected has been benchmarked using Australian Bureau of Statistics Census/Survey data and membership record data.

It collates the benchmarked data collected from 1,673 survey respondents, summarises 612 open-ended comments and provides a thematic summary of six focus groups.

The results will help us develop the future Diversity and Inclusion policy, with the purpose of taking positive steps to lead the profession toward people-centred, evidence-based transformation.

We thank everyone who participated in the survey and focus groups, for sharing your perspectives on the profession.

The Diversity and Inclusion project is an initiative of the National Committee for Gender Equity (NCGE).

Survey consultant: Survey Matters
D&I consultant: Felicity Menzies, Inlcude-Empower


Gender Equality Committee
(L-R): Jenna Holder, Sophie Bence, Melonie Bayl-Smith, Gill Matthewson, Ashliegh Taylor, Tiffany Molloy, Kylie-JoAnn Hughes, Anne Clisby, Ben Shields
Marika Neustupny
Ben Peake
Greta Stoutjesdijk
Talia Keyes
Catherine Styles
Olivia McKim
Peter Raisbeck
Sarah McGann
Kym Muir
Tanya Golitschenko
Kayla Dunn


Learn more about diversity and equality in the profession through our series of articles and stories on women shaping the architectural landscape. Women in Architecture Articles and Reports from the NCGE

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Professor Helen Lochhead | 2019 prize winner


The Paula Whitman Prize was established in 2015 to celebrate and champion the works of our members and leaders. It recognises individuals and groups who have exemplified exceptional leadership and made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of gender equity in architectural practice, education and governance.



The Institute is committed to supporting architects to progress in their careers without having to compromise their important roles in nurturing their families.

The Institute offers special provisions for members who are unable to participate fully in employment due to being on parental leave from their normal employment.

These members enjoy:

  • Entitlement to all normal benefits of membership
  • Discounted annual fee set at a 75 per cent reduced rate of the normal fee for a Level 1 (non-A+) member.

Terms and conditions:

  • Parental leave applies to existing members, but no prior membership period applies
  • Members who do not work more than 20 hours per week because they are the primary carer of one or more children aged five years or under
  • The special subscription rate applies for a period of two years from the time the application is approved
  • Eligible members must reapply for the Parental Leave rate at not more than two-yearly intervals
  • Evidence of eligibility must be provided before eligibility can be approved.

Want to discuss your options? Email the membership team at: membership@architecture.com.au

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