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2022 Victorian Architecture Awards Winners

2022 VictorianArchitecture Awards Winners 2022 Victorian Architecture Medal | Grampians Peaks Trail Stage 2 | Noxon Giffen Architects with McGregor Coxall | Photographer: Shannon McGrath 2022 National Architecture Awards 2022

2022 WA Architecture Awards Winners

2022 WA Architecture Awards Winners 2022 George Temple Poole Award, Julius Elischer Award for Interior Architecture, Jeffrey Howlett Award for Public Architecture and John Septimus Roe Award for Urban Design

2022 Enduring Architecture Award – Call for Nominations

This award is open to buildings of at least 25 years of age, the Enduring Architecture Award recognises achievement for the design of buildings of outstanding merit, which remain important as high quality works of architecture when considered in a contemporary context.

Nominations are welcome from Institute members, non-members and non-architects, but must provide adequate content for consideration by the jury.

2021 WA Architecture Awards Winners

2021 WA Architecture Awards Winners WA Museum Boola Bardip | Hassell + OMA | Photographer: Peter Bennett 2021 National Architecture Awards 2021 WA Architecture Awards – results The Australian Institute

2020 SA Architecture Awards Winners

2020 SA Architecture Awards Results The Keith Neighbour Award for Commercial Architecture | Sparkke at the Whitmore | Troppo Architects | Photographer: Aaron Citti 2020 National Architecture Awards 2020 SA

2020 ACT Architecture Awards Winners

2020 ACT Architecture Awards Results 2020 Canberra Medallion | For Our Country | Edition Office and Daniel Boyd | ACT | Photographer: Ben Hosking 2020 National Architecture Awards 2020 ACT