Plane Tree House by Architects Ink

Plane Tree House by Architects Ink
photo credit: Sam Noonan


The South Australian Architecture Awards has eight juries, each responsible for judging the National Architecture categories and State Prizes. Juries are selected by the Awards Director, Pippa Buckberry & Deputy Awards Director, Michael Queale from an annual expression of interest for jurors as well as from a Jury Pool of past jurors, and take into consideration the need to provide juries that are balanced across gender and experience. The final jury composition is appointed and endorsed by the Chapter President.

Each jury is usually presided over by three (3) Institute members, one who is appointed as Jury Chair, and a guest juror (sponsor or media) and if required a specialist advisor (sustainability, heritage, interior). The exception is the City of Adelaide Prize whose jury comprise supporting organisations.

This year's juries comprise:



Josephine Evans

JPE Design Studio


Simon Frost

Greenway Architects 


Cheryl Vandenberg

Design Inc


Anita Zocchi

 Principal, University Senior College


Heritage/Small Projects




Michael Queale



Sally Bolton



Anthony Coupe

Mulloway Studios


Alison De Backer





Heather Griffin

Russell and Yelland


Kristy McMillan



Tracey Roughana

Brown Falconer


Julie Pieda

Koush Design

Residential Alterations and Additions


Kirsty Hewitt



Nathan Crane

The Adelaide Review


Erin Crowden

Williams Burton Leopardi


Hamish Price

Hamish Price Architecture

 Residential New


Alison McFadyen

Phillips/Pilkington Architects


Jacqui Harbison

Freelance Feature Writer


Julian Rutt

Lumen Studio


Anne Taylor

Taylor Buchtmann



Pippa Buckberry

Anaglypta Architecture


Deborah Davidson

dsquared consulting


Andrew Gunner

Max Pritchard Gunner Architects


Ingrid Kerkhoven




Sue Phillips

Phillips/Pilkington Architects


Paul Gillett

Grieve Gillett Andersen


Rupert Lindon

Ashley Halliday Architects 


Eric Lien

Revolution Roofing

City of Adelaide Prize

 Chair  Adam Hannon  Cox Architecture
   Emma Fey  Guildhouse
   Cr Megan Hender  City of Adelaide
   Elinor Walker  Barossa Council (PIA)
   Jere Wilks  Jensen Plus (AILA)

Thank you to all who submitted Expressions of Interest this year - your application will remain valid for the next 2 years.

2018 Juries

The Institute’s Architecture Awards recognise excellence and innovation in design and are conferred via a rigorous system of peer review.

The Institute’s awards programme offers the most prestigious architecture awards in the country and the role of juror in the process is significant. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to the SA Architecture Awards and to share your insights with the profession.

In addition to new EOI’s each year, those who have raised interest in the last 3 years are also considered. If you have submitted an EOI in the last 3 years you are not required to submit again, but are welcome to submit a new form to update your details and/or to reaffirm your interest.

Please contact Awards Manager - for any queries

Key Dates:

 Open for Entries  Materials Deadline Presentation Day   Presentation Night
4 Dec 2017 - 9 Feb 2018  5 March 2018  24 March Saturday 30 June 2018


Jury Roles & Responsibilities

Awards Director

The Awards Director oversees and coordinates the jury deliberations.

Their responsibilities are to:

  • make overriding decisions with respect to the implementation of policy, particularly the category of entries;
  • work closely with Jury Chairs to ensure consistency across categories, and
  • encourage juries to act in the spirit of the Awards policy.

The Awards Director will be the Jury Chair of the Sustainable Architecture category and may not enter projects into the Awards program for the year they are in the position. They will guide and be assisted by the Deputy Awards Director, who will take on the role the following year. The Deputy may also be a member of any juries.

Awards Taskforce
The role of the Awards Taskforce is to assist the Awards Chapter Staff to plan and deliver the annual South Australian Architecture Awards Presentation Dinner and the Student Design Project as well as the Jury Presentation Day, exhibitions and other support events to showcase local architects and architecture to the members and the community through the Awards Program. See the Terms of Reference. To nominate for this year please contact the Awards Manager.

Jury Chairs

Jury deliberations and process are to be guided by each Jury Chair. Their responsibilities are to:

  • determine if a project should be reallocated to another category;
  • ensure that prescribed timelines for jury site visits and citations are adhered to;
  • act with politeness, fairness and respect to all entrants and fellow jurors;
  • operate with rigour and consistency;
  • follow all required elements of the judging process, and measure all entries against all relevant criteria.

Jury members

Jury members are responsible for:

  • ensuring that prescribed timelines for jury site visits are adhered to;
  • upholding the integrity and value of the Awards program
  • acting completely without bias;
  • declaring any interest which may conflict or be seen to conflict with your ability to make a fair
    assessment and be prepared to withdraw from such assessment, and making objective assessments considering all of the stated criteria.

Guest Jurors

The input of non-architect Jurors can be valuable and assist public recognition of outcomes. Guest/lay jurors should only be appointed where they have a clear connection with architecture or experience/knowledge of relevance to the particular jury. 

The Jury Chair and architect members of the jury will assist and guide guest/lay jurors in
understanding the process and any technical issues.

Specialist Advisors

Specialist advisors are selected for their particular expertise and to provide advice to a jury so that it may make an informed judgement in categories requiring a degree of specialist knowledge (such as heritage and sustainability).

Specialist advisors will only be appointed where the jury considers that additional expertise is necessary. No payment or benefit will be provided to specialist advisors without agreement.

Jury Process

Judging the Awards is undertaken using online entry data and images, as well as public presentations and project visits, as determined by the jury.

Step 1: Jurors review all the submitted project information and portfolio of images and plans for each applicable entry in their jury category/ies.

Step 2:
A briefing is held with all jurors and the Awards Directors, to understand more about the judging process, answer any questions you may have, and meet your Jury Chair and fellow jurors before the Jury Presentation Day.

Step 3: Jury Chairs meet together with the Awards Directors at three stages throughout the jury process; before the briefing, after presentations and after site visits before citations are finalised.

Step 4: All entrants are required to present publicly to the category Jury. At the Presentation Day, entrants are allocated 5 -7 minutes to present to the jury with a 2 minute warning and then several minutes for discussion and questions. Shortlisted entries may be required to present additionally to the Sustainable Architecture Jury.

Step 5: All or at least those shortlisted entries in the category are visited by the relevant jury accompanied by the client only. The Awards Manager will create a site visit schedule and ask the architect to arrange the jury site visit with their client. Juries have a strict timetable for visiting projects over multiple days and will spend approx. 30-45 minutes on site. Regional projects will be visited by a smaller number of jurors or the Jury Chair only, and may be given the opportunity to give an extended presentation to the jury, at the discretion of the Jury Chair and Awards Director.

Step 6: The Jury Chair, in consultation with jury members, are required to submit a written citation of up to 200 words per awarded project, a short piece for the awards night and a third summary statement about the category for publication and announcement at the Presentation Dinner.

Step 7:
Winners are announced at the annual South Australian Architecture Awards Presentation Dinner.
The presentation event will be held on Saturday 30 June.

Conflicts of Interest

The process for managing conflicts of interest during the Awards program is the responsibility of the Awards Director and the Awards Manager. Jurors must declare any interest which may conflict or be seen to conflict immediately to determine the appropriateness of the Juror’s involvement in that particular assessment.

Jurors with an identified conflict of interest shall not participate in the assessment or consideration of entries in the relevant category(ies). In the instance of an identified conflict of interest, the final judgement of the category will be overseen by the Awards Director.