Adelaide Oval Redevelopment by Cox Architecture, Walter Brooke and Hames Sharley 
photo credit: Drew Lenman

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29 Jun Awards Presentation
18-21 Jul FAD

Entering the Awards 2019

There have been changes made to the Awards Policy and Entry handbook for the 2019 program. Please familiarise yourself with these before you start your submission.

Prior to commencing your entry, entrants are required to read the Awards, Prizes and Honours Policy, the Awards Terms and Conditions, and the Awards Entry Handbook. These documents can be found on the Important Documents page. For SA Chapter Specific Requirements click here

Click here for a message from the SA Awards Director.

Key changes for the 2019 Awards Program include:

  • Self nominations are now required for both Sustainable Architecture and COLORBOND® Steel for Architecture categories
    Projects in this category will be those considered to be “small” in terms of area or budget. Projects are recognised that have been constrained by space or cost restrictions, but have achieved a level of invention, creativity and craftsmanship despite these constraints. This category can accommodate projects, typically projects in the public realm, which may be over-looked against larger scale projects in other categories or may be transient or experimental in nature, such as exhibition design, set design, playgrounds, architectural sculptures or installations that may or may not be able to be visited by the Jury. Projects of all functional types may be considered.
       • Residential projects are not eligible for this category.
       • Projects concurrently entered into any other category are not eligible for this category.
  • Projects in all countries besides Australia must be entered into the International Chapter Awards

Key Dates:

 Open for Entries  Materials Deadline Presentation Day   Presentation Night
3 Dec 2018 - 8 Feb 2019  1 March 2019  16 March 2019 Saturday 29 June 2019


Step-by-Step Entry Process

Step 1: Online Entry.

Step 2: Submission of additional material (Please note City of Adelaide Prize - boards are optional). 

Step 3: Presentation of entry to jury.

Step 4: Site visits by jury.

Step 5: Chapter Award Presentations.

Step 6: National Jury site visits (the City of Adelaide Prize does not progress to the National Architecture Awards).

Step 7: National Awards Presentation.

National Architecture Awards categories

The Awards categories are consistent across all State and Territory Chapters, except where some Chapters have subcategories. State or Territory Chapters may also include other Chapter-specific Prizes or Medals that are not part of the National Awards program. These awards will not progress to the National Awards. For a full list of awards and prizes in South Australia along with information on our honorary Named Awards, visit Awards in South Australia.

Nominations for the Enduring Architecture Award

Nominations are open to members, non-members and non-architects for the Enduring Architecture Award. Buildings of at least 25 years of age may be considered for this Award.

Buildings nominated need not be previous award winners but must be buildings of outstanding merit that, considered in a contemporary context, remain important as high quality works of architecture. Projects should be assessed in terms of national significance, technical advancement, innovation for its time, symbolic significance and/or creative leadership.

Although not essential, any additional information you can supply upon making this recommendation will greatly assist the SA Chapter Honours Committee e.g. project name, practice name, address, relevant contacts, drawings and photographs.