Studio 217 - Amalie Wright & Richard Buchanan

Studio 217, Amalie Wright & Richard Buchanan
photo Christopher Frederick Jones

Queensland CPD

This page lists upcoming Queensland CPD events and other opportunities organised by the Institute and affiliated organisations to earn CPD points. The Refuel CPD badge indicates CPD points are available to architects in attendance.

In most states of Australia, including QLD, it is compulsory for registered architects to work toward their CPD requirements as assigned by their relevant registration board. A+ members of the Institute are required to accrue yearly CPD points regardless of their state of registration.

Upcoming CPD Opportunities (registrations now open/details below)

2016 CPD Save-the-Dates
  • 9 July - Climate Change: Eco-efficiency and Eco-effectiveness
  • 11 August - Zero Emission Housing (National Seminar Series)
  • 15 Sept - Jimenez Lai (Bond University Lecture Series at Qld Chapter Auditorium)
  • 8-11 Sept - 2016 Regional Conference, evoke (Townsville)

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Queensland State CPD Sponsor:


Building Product Compliance: Getting the information you need
to make the right choice

Date: Wednesday 8 June 2016
Time: 9:30am-12:30pm
Venue: Queensland Chapter Auditorium, 70 Merivale Street, South Brisbane
CPD: 2.5 Formal points

Ticket Prices:

• A+ Member $68
• Member $76
• Non Member $110
• Graduate $35
• SONA Member $25

(Register prior COB 6 June)


This seminar will explore how to be sure that the building products you specify for a project are compliant and how to reduce your risk when choosing products that they may not be fit for purpose.

Kristin Brookfield from the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and Chair of the Australasian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC) will discuss the APCC Procurement of Construction Products: A Guide to Achieving Compliance and offer guidance on how to determine whether a building product is suitable to use.

Kristin will be joined by a representative from the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) who will outline the product assurance processes which underpin some of the most common forms of compliance documentation for building products and some of the key attributes to look for when nominating products in a specification.

Learning Outcomes:

  • After completing this course, attendees will be able to: 
  • Identify non-conforming products and potential risks of use 
  • Choose suitable and compliant products in construction projects
  • Evaluate whether building products have adequate documentation
  • Indicate key attributes required when specifying products

This session is also being made available via Livestream
and On-Demand (
content available on-demand for two weeks post livestream)
Livestream Friday 3 June @ 9:30am - 12:30pm AEST (Register prior COB 1 June)

Registration link is found on this Institute webpage.

Livestream/On-Demand Prices:

  • Non Member Livestream $58 
  • Member Livestream $38 
  • SONA Livestream $25


This national seminar series event is worth 2.5 Formal CPD points upon completion of the written assignments distributed at the event. Units of competency: project delivery and documentation

Graduates: Are you undertaking the APE in 2016?

About PALS

The Institute's 'Practice of Architecture Learning Series' (PALS) program combines online learning, downloadable resources, access to Acumen and the opportunity to attend face-to-face tutorials with experienced practitioners in the Chapter's South Brisbane Auditorium.

Visit the dedicated PALS website and view a sample module online and download sample notes for a better understanding of the self-paced learning approach.

  • PALS is designed to support you or anyone in your office planning to undertake the APE exam 
  • PALS can be a refresher course for those returning to practice; and 
  • PALS is a great introduction to Australian architectural practice for international practitioners. 

The eight-week face-to-face tutorial series (offered twice a year) supplements the study material available online. We encourage you to participate in PALS tutorials, if possible.

For more information on specific modules and enrollment, visit the PALS website. If you have any queries re. signing up for PALS please contact or call (03) 8620-3877.

The QLD PALS series is sponsored in part by Queensland State CPD Sponsor Lysaght.


Mentor Program 2016

Download the one-page Mentor Program FAQ HERE

Currently underway for 2016, the Mentor Program provides third year architectural students the opportunity to informally meet once a month with a practicing architect. It is designed to help students gain insight into practice life, understand current workforce expectations, and translate what is covered in the university syllabus into real life practice.


  • Only SONA members (university student members of the Australian Institute of Architects) can participate in the Chapter's Mentor Program.
  • SONA members must be enrolled in their THIRD YEAR (or equivalent) of a recognised Queensland university architectural course (Bond, Griffith, QUT, UQ).
  • Participants can be either part-time or full-time students.
  • SONA members who already work in practice are welcome to participate.


Are you interested in participating in the Mentor Program?

About the Mentor Program:

The mentor program is an annual program offered by the Queensland Chapter's Education Committee. It matches a small group (usually 4) of architecture students (typically Third Years) with a local practice. 

The goal of the program is to give the students a chance to see what practice life is really like.

The format for the mentor group meetings is flexible to suit your practice’s style; the only requirement is you make time to meet your mentor group once a month.

This Mentor Program Overview PDF includes detailed information for mentors, including 
suggestions for discussion topics and other useful information.

Practice Directors, Senior Associates and experienced Graduate architects are invited to contact the Queensland Chapter Office to learn more about how to get involved.

Architects volunteering with the mentor program earn 1 informal CPD point per meeting with the mentor group. AACA competency standards: Design, Documentation, Project Management, Practice Management

Suggestions for Self-Directed CPD

Tropical Architecture Design Talk: Antoine Perrau

DOWNLOAD Antoine Perrau's Presentation (10MB PDF)
(Note: Please provide full attribution if reusing pictures in this presentation for your practice's purposes)

(For those architects who could not attend the recent Qld Design Tour events, you can review the above presentation for 0.5 Informal CPD points)

The Queensland and WA Chapters of the Australian Institute of Architects have arranged a series of lectures, in association with the Architecture Foundation Australia, to be given by architect Antoine Perrau.

Queensland Tour Dates included Brisbane, Cairns and Townsville.

Antoine Perrau is a French architect now living and working in tropical French Réunion Island, in the Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Africa. In twenty-five years of practice in Réunion, he and his partners have undertaken an impressive body of work which includes housing developments, apartment buildings, mixed use developments, large secondary schools, visitor centres, rehabilitation projects and large fresh-air sports halls. He has specialised in climatic responsive design in the tropical conditions, and has particularly championed non air-conditioned buildings and strategies to create accelerated natural air movement. He uses specialist French environmental consultant Jacques Gandemer, who consulted with Renzo Piano on the acclaimed Tjibaou Centre in Noumea. Antoine is also a lecturer and design tutor in L’École National Supérieure d’Architecture Montpellier La Réunion.

Antoine Perrau was a speaker at the 2016 Architecture Foundation Australia, Deerubbin Conference on the Hawkesbury River.



Reviewing the above linked tropical design talk presentation is worth 0.5 Informal CPD points.
AACA competency standard: Design

This event was part of the Asia Pacific Architecture Forum, an initiative of Architecture Media and State Library of Queensland.

2015 Gold Medalist Peter Stutchbury – video on demand

1 hour 40 min
CPD: Two informal points

View the video here.

The Australian Institute of Architects' Gold Medal is the highest accolade that can be given to an architect. In this video, the 2015 Gold Medal recipient, Peter Stutchbury, talks about his career and approach to architecture.

AACA competency standard: Design

Bond University – Architecture Lecture Series Videos

2015 Architecture Lecture Series
Lecture videos are available for viewing HERE.

The 2015 Architecture Lecture Series actively examines architecture on its own terms as a creative activity with specific disciplinary tendencies, preoccupations, and transformational modes of operation. 

This lecture series exemplifies the strategy of The Abedian School, which seeks to develop a body of creative work and rigorous study around focused questions of formal, technical, and cultural concern.

All lectures are posted to iTunes U and Vimeo.

Note: Informal CPD and Formal CPD points are available to architects in attendance at Bond Lectures. Architects can consult with the Bond Uni program organisers for Formal CPD activity for individual lectures. Architects who view the lecture videos can claim up to 2 Informal points for their time.

2015 UQ Architecture Lecture Series

Are you interested in architecture and design thinking?

View videos for the series here.

The UQ Architecture series brought together forward-thinking architects and provocateurs who are each engaged in the generation of new knowledge, ideas and strategies within the field of architecture. 

Featuring internationally renowned speakers, the weekly lecture series provided an opportunity to widen knowledge bases, inspiration and gain valuable insight into the design processes and solutions of the contemporary architect.

Architectural professionals who attend the series will be eligible for 2 Formal continuing professional development points (CPD) following completion of a written Design Online assignment.

2015 Speakers included:

Andrew Burges, ABA Architects
Francesca Hughes, Hughes Meyer Studio
Penny Fuller, Silvester Fuller
Mel Bright, MAKE Architecture
Callum Fraser, Elenberg Fraser
Michael Rayner, Cox Rayner
Paul Jones, OMA (HK)
Eunice Seng - SKEW Collaborative (China)

These lectures were worth 2 Formal CPD points following completion of a Design Online written CPD assignment, in which you respond to the architecture lecture and submit your written response post-event. AACA competency standards: Design

Timber & Tin: Considering the Queenslander

Timber & Tin video link:

A recent CPD presentation by Don Watson LFRAIA at the Queensland Chapter included a screening of Timber & Tin, a 25-min. documentary about elements of the traditional Queensland house, written and directed by Max Bannah and Kent Chadwick for the National Trust of Queensland, c1976. 

Timber & Tin is the story of Queensland architecture, mainly in domestic buildings, from the days of the earliest settlers and of the materials from which they were built with emphasis on the use of timber and corrugated iron.

Architects can watch the Timber & Tin video for 0.5 Informal CPD points.

Don Watson LFRAIA

Don Watson - Architect and historian (2012 John Oxley Library Fellow), Don's work continues to chronicle the lives and work of Queensland architects, recording pioneering Queensland life and how architects have adapted their skills to design buildings appropriate to the climate, new technologies, and changing economic circumstance. Don works with the State Library of Queensland and most recently presented to the Institute on the legacy of the late Robin Gibson.

Don Watson LFRAIA & Judith McKay received the President’s Prize at the recent President’s Dinner held at Customs House.

President's Prize Citation

President's Prize Recipient's Speech by Don Watson and Judith McKay, remembering Queensland architects who died in World War 1

Brisbane Art Deco: Stories of our Built Heritage

A recently-launched publication entitled ‘Brisbane Art Deco: Stories of our Built Heritage’ documents and celebrates a selection of residential and commercial Art Deco examples with written contributions from a range of authors. Stories are illustrated by a combination of modern photography and historic archive imagery, which takes readers on a journey through this fascinating era.

Brisbane Art Deco project leader Kim Wilson, along 
with a selection of the book’s contributors (including Don Watson, Alice Hampson, Paul Martyn, and Fiona Gardiner) recently delivered presentations at the Chapter Auditorium to discuss Brisbane Art Deco, providing a colourful insight into Brisbane’s built heritage and the life and times of our city.

You can download a PDF of the presentations here (Note: 21MB file download)

You can join the Brisbane Art Deco conversation here.


Architects who attended the event and submit the CPD written assignment distributed on the night may claim 2 Formal CPD points. Attending architects who choose not to submit a report may claim 2 Informal CPD points for attending.

Note: Architects who did not attend the event, but review the above linked-PDF and related websites may claim 0.5 Informal CPD points.


Clarity and Confidence:

The Art of the Pitch - four architects compete to design NYC towers

An article was posted in The Guardian newspaper's online edition and contained four short videos featuring Richard Rogers, Zaha Hadid, Rem Koolhaas and Norman Foster, each presenting their pitch to secure a high-profile Park Avenue tower development in New York. Architects can read the short article and watch the videos for 1 Informal CPD point.

Read the Article and watch the Videos here


Continuum CPD – Video on Demand

The Institute's Continuum range of online video courses allows you to build your skills and complete CPD without leaving your desk. You can access the full library of available CPD courses here.

Continuum CPD courses cover a wide range of topics relating to the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) competencies: Design, Documentation, Project Management and Practice Management.

CPD courses are recognised by the Australian Institute of Architects for Formal CPD points and meet the CPD requirements of the Board of Architects of Queensland.


Did you volunteer at your local Open House in 2014?

Open House in Queensland

Architects volunteering their personal time to provide tours and/or visit buildings during Brisbane Open House (and other cities' Open House weekends) can claim informal CPD (1 per hour, up to 2 informal points per activity) for their time.

The American Institute of Architects – Practicing Architecture Podcasts

The Architecture Knowledge Review is an American Institute of Architects podcast series for design professionals, featuring interviews, discussions, and best practices by architects and other design professionals who are at the forefront of the profession.

Listen to the talks in this series and earn informal CPD points per lecture.

Note: Informal CPD accrual equals one point per hour of learning activity.
There is a maximum of two informal points allowed per learning activity, regardless of duration.

ABC Radio National – By Design podcasts

By Design looks at the places and things we imagine, build, use and occupy, explaining how creative ideas take tangible form through the design process.

Many By Design podcasts feature internationally renowned architects, designers and design topics, including:

At the 2013 Queensland Chapter's President's Dinner a President's Prize was awarded ABC Radio National By Design's producer Janne Ryan for her contribution to the public discourse on architecture and design.

Celebrating Ryan's extensive career working in the media as an ideas curator, writer and producer of programs on ABC Radio National, Queensland chapter president Shane Thompson said that her work across radio, television and print, as well as with the TEDx program in Sydney, is unrivalled in this country.

'She seeks out great work and great architects and brings them to the attention of a public audience who mightn't otherwise have the opportunity to hear about such contributions,' said Thompson.
'Janne does this in a manner which is never patronising or condescending: giving architects a voice, illuminating the work and its importance in an accessible and relevant way.'

Note: Informal CPD accrual equals one point per hour of learning activity.
There is a maximum of two informal points allowed per learning activity, regardless of duration.

Gold Medalist Peter Wilson – video on demand


Duration: 1 hour 45 min
CPD: Two informal points

Peter Wilson was awarded the 2013 Gold Medal, the Australian Institute of Architect's highest individual honour. If you could not attend Peter's October talk recently held in the Queensland Chapter, his AS Hook Address delivered to a sold-out crowd at Melbourne University is now available to view online.

NSW Chapter – Architecture Talks via podcast

This series is brought to you by the NSW Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects and includes the following:

  • Safe Work, Safe Design  (September 2012)
  • Conversations Across Borders (July 2012)
  • In Conversation with Kerrie Clare (June 2012)
  • Great women in Conversation: Marion Mahony Griffin Prize-winners Louise Cox AM, Diane Jones, Joan Domicelj and Anne Higham (March 2012) 
  • Australia House – a survey of contemporary practice, presented by Architecture Australia (February 2012)
  • The Middle of East – old and new (February 2012)

The talks in this series earn informal CPD points (maximum two points per lecture)

Note: Informal CPD accrual equals one point per hour of learning activity.
There is a maximum of two informal points allowed per learning activity, regardless of duration.

Other Opportunities for CPD – Affiliated Associations

Refuel CPD Provider Network:


Refuel cpd provider network

Companies that are a part of the Institute's Refuel Provider Network offer in-house and external training often with Informal and Formal CPD opportunities available. See the full list of Refuel Provider Network companies here.


CPD Resources for Queensland Architects

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is compulsory for architects registered in Queensland and is also a requirement for A+ members.

BOAQ registered architects and those members in an A+ practice who are architects or architectural graduates of 11 years or more are required to undertake a minimum of 20 hours of CPD annually, including a minimum of 10 ‘Formal’ hours, across at least two of the four main competency areas (design, documentation, project management, practice management). This is the same requirement for architectural registration boards in NSW, WA, Tasmania and Queensland.

Individual CPD activities are self-managed by the architect and records should be retained for at least 5 years in the event of a compliance audit.

Resources and reference material can be downloaded here:

For more information about CPD for architects, see the Institute's 
National Continuing Professional Development page.