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William McCormack Place 2, CA Architects & Cox Rayner Architects
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About the Queensland Chapter

The Queensland Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects represents the Institute's interests and conducts its business in Queensland.

Queensland Chapter staff

Judith Gilmore
Executive Director
Courtney Fair
Courtney Fair
Awards & Events
Jessica Humphries
Professional Development
Jody Metcalf
Jody Metcalf
Member Services

Message from the Queensland Chapter’s Executive Director

I often hear ‘What’s the Institute doing about....?' 
Let's turn it around this year to ' What can I do, as a member, to support the Institute’s focus on the three core pillars of Advocacy, Education and Membership?’ Our Chapter President, Bruce Wolfe, is enthusiastically promoting membership and continuing the advocacy by actively engaging with local and state government. 

Those members who get involved with the Institute tend to be those who most value their membership. So, enter the awards (closing Tuesday 31 January), register for PALS (commencing 7 February), and vote in the Chapter Council elections (nominations close tomorrow) or engage in one of the many CPD and event activities.

The Institute’s policy and advocacy statement activity spans a myriad of issues relevant to the profession. The policies have been approved by National Council and are listed here
Some policies are under review and two are currently available for member comment, please go to http://dynamic.architecture.com.au/i-cms?page=46737 for Government Architect Policy and Advocacy Statement and Housing Policy and Advocacy Statement to make a comment. 
Queensland Chapter’s Committees, Task Groups and Forums will all commence meetings in February. 

Chapter Council
Honours Committee
Practice Committee
Sustainability Committee
Regional Affairs Committee
Education Committee
Heritage Task Group
Architects Advocacy Task Group
Communication Task Group
Small Practice Members Forum

The Committee's Terms of Reference are for a two year term of office with members retiring on a rotational basis and not more than 8 committee members. This allows for a refreshment of committees and for new members to play a part in their Institute.

Queensland Chapter staff - it’s been a time of goodbyes and hello.
Narelle Robinson who has been with the Queensland Chapter for 9 years resigned last November to spend more time on her favourite hobbies/business ventures.  We thank Narelle for her enthusiastic efforts with committee support and her brilliant photography capturing many of the Chapter's celebrations over the years.

Amy Goodwin resigned in December after a year on Parental Leave - Amy was very keen to return but faced the difficulties of juggling part-time work and child care. Thank you Amy for your total professionalism and ever smiling outlook.

Welcome to Madelynn Jenkins who will begin work with the Queensland Chapter on 30 January as the Queensland Chapter’s Member Services Officer.  Madelynn has a Bachelor of Business, Human Resource Management and most recently has been working as Member Services Administrator for Dental Protection Limited Australia
Those of you coming to the Chapter office will shortly have the pleasure of meeting Madelynn face to face. For everyone else hopefully you will soon get to meet her, either virtually, via phone, or face to face. 

As we start the New Year it is a timely reminder that the Institute is here to advocate for the profession and to serve its members.  All architects benefit from the Institute's work.

We look forward to working with you in making 2017 a year full of opportunity and achievement.

Judith Gilmore
Queensland Chapter Executive Director

History of the Queensland Chapter

The Queensland Institute of Architects was founded in 1888. The highly esteemed architect Francis DG Stanley became the foundation president and continued in that position until 1890. He served as the Institutes vice-president from 1890 to 1896. One of the Institutes early actions was to come to an agreement with the Queensland Master Builders’ Association about standard conditions of contract that were to remain in use until 1914.

Following the establishment of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects on August 18th, 1930 the Queensland Institute ceased and the Queensland Chapter Council of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects took up the succession under the presidency of Vincent Price.

The following document was graciously compiled and supplied by Associate Professor Peter Skinner FRAIA.