Burbury Hotel - Colin Stewart Architects

Burbury Hotel, Colin Stewart Architects
photo: Stefan Postles

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27 Feb 2018
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28 Feb 2018
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2 Mar 2018
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Australian Capital Territory CPD events

Continuing professional development (CPD) talks and events are a core component of the ACT Chapter's continuing professional development program. The series aims to present topics that are inspiring and tangible, providing knowledge that attendees can put into practice. Speakers include local and visiting international architects and specialist consultants from other built-environment disciplines.

ACT CPD events that display a Refuel CPD badge, shown here, are eligible for CPD points.

CPD in the ACT

In some states of Australia (but not in the ACT) it is compulsory for registered architects to do CPD.

However, A+ members of the Institute are still required to accrue yearly CPD points regardless of their state of registration.

For more information about CPD for architects, see the Continuing Professional Development page on this website.

The ACT Chapter holds the PALS tutorials once a year. The timing of the tutorials is designed to fit primarily with the second round of the examinations. All the sessions are held at 2a Mugga Way, Red Hill. 

The dates for the 2017 PALS tutorials are:

Wed 12th April: PALS introduction/information session (12pm) 
Saturday 22 April: PALS Session 01 (1-4pm)
Saturday 13 May: PALS Session 02 (1-4pm)
Saturday 3 June: PALS Session 03 (1-4pm)
Saturday 17 June: PALS Session 04 (1-4pm)