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What's on in WA

Welcome to the Western Australian Chapter

Welcome to the Western Australian Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects. This is the entry point for the many exciting opportunities and events that the Institute offers its West Australian and national members.

On this page you will find information on Western Australian CPD events. In the Quick links box to the right you will find links to other Western Australian events, as well as awards, services, resources and publications.

Western Australian CPD events

Continuing professional development (CPD) talks and events are a core component of the Western Australian Chapter's continuing professional development program. The series aims to present topics that are inspiring and tangible, providing knowledge that attendees can put into practice.

Western Australian CPD events that display a Refuel CPD badge, shown here, are eligible for CPD points. 

CPD in Western Australia

Architects registered in WA are required to do CPD as part of their registration.

For more information about CPD for architects, see the Continuing professional development page.

What's happening in the Western Australian Chapter?

2017 CPD and EVENTS

LEGAL UPDATES: Liquor Licensing for Architects

Presented by: Jessica Patterson, Partner at Lavan

This session aims to provide architects with a basic understanding of the key liquor licensing matters that they should consider when designing licensed premises and also deal with when preparing the drawings for licensed premises. The presentation will include reference to case examples. 



  • An understanding of “approved plans”.
  • An understanding of the formal requirements which arise from both the Liquor Control Regulations and policies of the Director of Liquor Licensing in regard to plans. 
  • An awareness of commercial and practical factors that should be considered in the designing of licensed premises. 
  • An appreciation of some of the key issues that applicants for new licences, or licensees seeking approval to change licensed premises, need to address in the licensing process to enable architects to properly assist their clients and to understand the role that architects play in the whole process.
  • An awareness of some of the steps involved in the licensing application process which relate to the plans.
  • An appreciation of the discretion of the licensing authority. 
  • An appreciation of how aspects of the designs/plans for licensed premises can potentially lead to conditions being endorsed on a licence. 


Monday 23 October 2017
5.00pm Registration for 5.30pm Start
33 Broadway, Nedlands

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Presented by: Charmaine Tsang, Partner at Lavan Legal

This presentation will provide architects with a broad understanding of issues that commonly occur in hiring and firing.

  • Understanding the Architects Award: the Architects Award 2010, and its interaction with the Fair Work Act 2009, contracts of employment, and workplace policies and procedures
  • The minimum terms and conditions of employment
  • Different employment types: full-time, part-time, casual, fixed term and employment for a specified task
  • The difference between an unfair dismissal claim and a general protections claim and how to avoid them
  • Redundancy procedures and obligations

: Monday 6 November
Time: 5:00pm - 7:00pm 
Venue: WA Chapter Office
Price:   A+ Members: $33
SONA members: $22
Graduates and other Members: $44
Non members:  $88.00

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Architectural archives include drawings, photographs and other material used in the design and construction process. This talk and panel discussion looks at why architects should keep good quality archives of their own and how existing records can be used in design.

  Dr Christine Garnaut

Associate Research Professor of Planning and Architectural History and Director of the Architecture Museum at University of South Australia. Christine will talk about ICAM's objectives: to preserve the architectural record; raise the quality and protection of the built environment; foster study of architectural history in the interest of practice; stimulate public appreciation; and promote exchange of information and professional 

  Dr Kate Gregory 
Battye Historian at State Library of WA and previously Historian with National Trust of Australia. A published author, exhibition curator and art historian, Kate is a trustee of the board of the Western Australian Museum. She will talk about the role of the State Library as the primary home of archives of private architects. She will look at how records are stored and the process for accessing material for research or practical use.

Tim Wright 
Practicing architect in Western Australia. Tim will talk about the way in which he accessed and used archival drawings and photographs in his recent reconstruction of the Paganin House in Floreat. This important example of mid-century modernism designed by Bulgraian refugee architect Iwan Iwanoff in 1965, was seriously damaged by fire in 2015.

This event is being held in conjunction with ICAM [International Confederation of Architectural Museums] Australasia 2017.




Friday 10 November 2017
3.30pm - 5pm
followed by drinks
33 Broadway, Nedlands


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Date: Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th November
Venue: UWA School of Design, 4th Floor, Computer Lab 408. (Opp. the elevators)
Time: 10am - 5pm (including lunch break)

Price: Member - $198 inc. GST
Non Member - $330 inc. GST

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Workshop Outline*

Day 1: Model your Design - Revit interface 
- Modelling basic building components
- Conceptual massing and adaptive components
- Parametric Revit families

Day 2: Create your presentation
- Stairs
- View types
- Visibility settings & view templates
- Materials
- Rendering
- Sun studies
- Output formats

* This is a guide workshop outline

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On Tuesday 28 November join us for the first WA Member Forum – an opportunity to engage with
your elected representatives on Chapter Council, get an update on where the Institute is tracking,
give your feedback and raise the issues that are important to you.

Date: Tuesday 28 November
Time: 6 - 8pm
Venue: 33 Broadway Nedlands
Entry is free

Register here, registrations close Monday 25 Nov

What's Coming up 

The dates below are not confirmed at this stage. Further information, including registration links, will be posted when finalised.

6 November: LEGAL UPDATE: Essential Employment Law


ABWA Oral exams: 

16 - 20 Oct 2017


PALS 2018


Visit the PALS website for more information and registration details.


CPD Videos

The WA Chapter's range of online video courses allows you to build your skills and complete CPD without leaving your desk.

CPD courses cover a wide range of topics relating to the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) competencies: Design, Documentation, Project Management and Practice Management.

CPD courses are recognised by the Australian Institute of Architects for formal CPD points and meet the CPD requirements of the Architects Board of WA.

The WA Chapter will endeavour to make CPD available online and accessible, but is not responsible for any difficulties accessing the website or the video as a result of your computer hardware, software or internet connection.

For further enquires please email

2015 Videos

  • Workplace Law - Essential Employment Law for Architecture Practices - Wed 18 Nov 2015 (available soon)
  • Architects Before the DAPs and the SAT - Wed 4 Nov 2015 (available soon)
  • Insurance, Indemnities and Proportionate Liability - Mon 5 Oct (available soon)
  • Beyond Compliance: Understanding energy ratings in non-residential buildings - Mon 24 Aug 2015
  • Heritage: Architecture of the Past, Present and Future - Mon 10 Aug 2015
  • Occupational Safety and Health: Safety in Design Report - Wed 10 June 2015
  • A Guide to Preventing and Handling a Noisy Neighbourhood - Mon 4 May 2015
  • Pool Heating systems - Mon 13 April 2015
  • Contract Administration and Superintending - Mon 20 April 2015
  • Contract Documents - Getting the basics correct - Mon 9 March 2015

2014 Videos

  • Aspiring Women Leaders - Wed 26 Nov 2014
  • Perfect Project Planning - Mon 27 Oct 2014
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance - Mon 14 April 2014
  • Luciano Pia presents 'Energy Conscious Building Desing' - Mon 19 May 2014 (informal)
  • Workplace (Employment Law) Part 1 - New Employees: Contracts of employment and minimum requirements - Wed 27 Aug 2014
  • Contract Administration and Superintending - Wed 9 April 2014
  • Copyright and Moral Rights - Mon 21 July 2014
  • Construction Contracts Claims - Wed 11 June 2014
  • Contract Documents (getting the basics correct) - Mon 10 March 2014
  • Bushfire Policy and Design - Mon 10 Feb 2014
  • Energy Efficiency for Complex Houses and Section J for Commercial Buildings - Mon 17 March 2014