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Kingston High School,
Hassell in collaboration with Jawsarchitects, Photo: Peter Bennetts

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Welcome to the Tasmanian Chapter

Welcome to the Tasmanian Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects. This is the entry point for the many exciting opportunities and events that the Institute offers its Tasmanian and national members.

On this page you will find information on Tasmanian CPD events. In the Quick links box to the right you will find links to other Tasmanian events, as well as awards, services, resources and publications.

What’s happening in the Tasmanian Chapter

Tasmanian CPD events

Continuing professional development (CPD) events are a core component of the Tasmanian Chapter's continuing professional development program. The series aims to present topics that are inspiring and tangible, providing knowledge that attendees can put into practice.

CPD events in 2017-18 are supported by the Tasmanian Government and the Board of Architects of Tasmania. All Tasmanian-hosted CPD events are presented at the flat rate of $15 for everyone.

Tasmanian CPD events that display a Refuel CPD badge, shown here, are eligible for CPD points.

Introduction to ISO9001 Quality Management Systems

Join us as Adam McDean and Barry Fairman from QMS Certification Services present an introduction to ISO9001 quality management systems. This seminar will cover the major requirements of the ISO9001 standard, issues and key points when moving from DTFSPC to ISO9001, the requirements for 3rd party QA, and determining 3rd party accreditation costs to practices (i.e. the cost of the QMS service to individual practices).
Adam McDean is the Managing Director and CEO of QMS Certification Services with more than 10 years as quality, safety, environmental management systems auditor, experienced management systems consultant. Adam is also the Chairman of the industry association - association of accredited certification bodies (AACB).
Barry Fairman is the Certification Manager at QMS Certification Services, with more than 6 years as quality, safety, environmental management systems auditor, experienced management systems consultant.
QMS Certification Services is one of the oldest accredited certification bodies in australia, formed in 1994 (celebrating 25 years in 2019). QMS is one of the largest accredited certification bodies in Australia focused on quality, safety and environmental management systems auditing and certification. QMS is a major provider of audits and certification for the Tasmanian Department of Treasury and Finance Second Party Certification (DTFSPC) scheme and is immensely proud of its history of servicing clients in Tasmania, in DTFSPC scheme but also ISO certifications and transport operator audits.

Hobart - Wed 6 Feb: 9am - 12noon   BOOK NOW
Livestream (Online): Wed 6 Feb   BOOK NOW
Launceston - Thurs 7 Feb: 9am - 12noon  BOOK NOW


Passive House Masterclass - Window and Doors

Presented by Stuart McKenzie-Hall

The Windows Master Class series has been presented to the Australian Passive House Association in Melbourne and Sydney.  The presentation will provide an overview of Passive House design principles, and specifically for windows and doors within the thermal envelope in the context of the Tasmanian Climate.  Stuart McKenzie-Hall has been designing buildings based on Passive House Principles since 2012 and relevant case studies will be examined.  Using building science with practical examples the need for high performance windows and doors will be discussed in detail and the benefits demonstrated. This class is worth 2 formal CPD points.

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Fee Proposal Workshop

What is the best way to propose and negotiate design fees? Conducted by Blue Turtle, a consultancy that helps design firms achieve more financial success by adopting a new pricing strategy, the full-day workshops will teach participants how to write fee proposals that:
  • increase fee levels
  • raise conversion rates
  • avoid scope creep
  • write successful fee proposals
Blue Turtle Consulting combines research from the fields of fee psychology, behavioural finance, fee negotiations with consultants' own personal experiences of proposing and negotiating design fees. 

Workshop registration is strictly limited to 16 and offers 7.0 Formal CPD points. Lunch provided. 

Hobart: Mon 12 Nov, 9am - 5pm     Register 


Condensation and Airtight Buildings - Part 2

Presented by Dr Tim Law and Mark Dewsbury

Following on from last year’s successful seminar on condensation and air tight building, Dr Tim Law and Dr Mark Dewsbury will take a more in depth investigate into condensation in the built fabric and condensation regulation and risks.


Condensation in the built fabric, so what? Dr Tim Law

The Parliamentary Inquiry into biotoxin illness from water-damaged buildings was recently completed in Oct 2018. This talk presents an update of the inquiry and its recommendations as it pertains to buildings. We discuss the health implications of condensation and mould, together with the lack of recourse from tenants and building owners: be it in testing, insurance claims or litigation. The presentation will make evident why the problem of condensation has to be avoided in the design stage and how architects play a vital role in managing this issue.

Condensation regulation and risk analysis: tools and climate files. Dr Mark Dewsbury

Australia, like many developed nations, has a high priority for increased energy-efficiency in buildings. However, Australia has taken a thermal approach based on Stars and watts/m2.  But how does is this described in the National Construction Code and the referenced standards. What should be airtight and what should not be air tight. And, does airtight mean water vapour tight? This will be shown in context of the need to be aware of hourly energy flows through a building, its impact on water vapour pressure and the hygro-thermal behaviour of materials. The complexity of this phenomenon demands sophisticated analytical tools, and some of these are explored. Finally, some draft national recommendations will be presented.  

Livestream (Online) -  Register

Green Star Future Focus

Presented by Jamie Wallis is Senior Manager – Market Engagement at the Green Building Council of Australia.

Since its creation 15 years ago, the Green Star rating system has been a consistent leader in the sustainability space. This has been achieved by continuously pushing the boundaries, exploring new opportunities to improve the quality of the Australian built environment and by evolving the Green Star rating tools in line with international standards.

Jamie will give an overview of the GBCA, the Green Star rating system and its tools, discuss how the leaders in the sector are approaching sustainable development, and what the future holds for Green Star. The GBCA is about to embark on an ambitious journey to reshape the Green Star rating system and bring you the next evolution of the tools. Green Star Future Focus will see the rating system evolve and adapt to ensure the sustainable built environment delivers what it needs to, whilst also responding to global megatrends and emerging challenges.

Livestream (Online) - Wed 24 Oct: 1pm - 2pm   Register


Managing the Construction Phase

Presented by Wendy Poulton, Manager of Risk Services at Planned Cover

All your meticulous design work in the preliminary stages of a project can be undone by short-comings in the construction phase. This seminar highlights some common risk areas, such as inspecting and certifying the works, product substitutions, and managing requests for information. We will look at the role of project managers and building surveyors/certifiers, and a consultant’s duties regarding occupational health and safety. In conclusion, we will discuss strategies to manage the opposite scenario, when consultants are engaged on a “partial services” basis and have little or no presence during construction.


About the presenter:
Wendy has been a Risk Manager since 2005, providing plain English advice on consultancy agreements, training consultants in risk management, and creating guidance materials on emerging challenges in the construction industry. She has lectured on insurance and risk management at RMIT and the University of Melbourne. Previously, Wendy was a solicitor in the Commercial and Insurance Litigation section of Hunt and Hunt. She was admitted as a solicitor in 1997, and completed a Masters in Construction Law in 2011.

About Planned Cover:
Planned Cover was established in 1974 to provide quality professional indemnity insurance, general insurance and risk management services to protect the assets and reputations of Australian professionals.    

Livestream (Online)  Register
Launceston – 27 Nov: 1pm - 2.20pm Register 

Edition Office

Edition Office is an architecture studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Establishing the practice on finely crafted, award winning houses, the practice has recently extended its experience into the public realm including commercial and Federal Government galleries, a commission for the Australian War Memorial and various shortlisted competitions. Edition Office is led by Kim Bridgland and Aaron Roberts ( previously a founding director of Room11 Architects).

In a two part presentation, the directors will speak about the concepts and methodologies behind projects across numerous typologies, alongside adjustments to project and practice management enabled by cloud based management platforms. 

Livestream (Online) -  Register

Bushfire Responsive Architecture

Presented by Mark Chladil and Tom O'Connor from Tasmanian Fire Service

Bushfire is Tasmania’s most prevalent natural hazard and presents significant risk to our communities. Planning, designing and building for bushfire are important strategies for facilitating the long-term resilience and sustainability of our communities. Designers have an important role in this context and are often challenged to resolve competing design objectives, one of which is to meet contemporary requirements for bushfire protection. 

Join AIA and Mark Chladil and Tom O’Connor from the TFS for a discussion on the current state-of-play in this space. Specific topics to be covered include current planning and building regulations, best practice design principles and performance-based solutions. 

Livestream (online)   Register 


Model based Design and Collaboration (BIM) - Benefits, Challenges & Solutions

with BIM Consultant Klaus Stroehl from Gandy and Roberts

This presentation will highlight challenges and provide solutions - focusing on processes and resources required to implement BIM successfully within your company as a design tool, as well as in a collaborative BIM environment on your projects.

Hobart - Tue 1 May 1pm-2.30pm   Register
Launceston - Wed 2 May 2pm-3.30pm   Register

Contract Administration under AS2124: A more detailed look

Following on from last year’s general overview of contract administration under ABIC SW, AS2124 and AS4000, and with the ABIC 2018 launch fresh in our memories, this seminar will drill down into a little more detail regarding contract administration under AS2124-1992, specifically. 
This seminar explores the role of an architect superintendent during the construction phase. We will introduce and clarify the independent role of the Superintendent/ Superintendent’s Representative, including discussion regarding the wearing of ‘two hats’ by the Architect Superintendent. 
This module will then focus on the old chestnuts of Time and Cost, including discussion about time and cost blowouts and how the tools provided by the contract mechanisms can assist us to better manage risk associated with these two big ticket items. 

Learning Outcomes
After completing this course, attendees will be able to:
• Appreciate the authorities and obligations of the superintendent when administering the contract;
• Understand the importance of good superintendence and its impact on the management of risk;
• Understand the key risks giving rise to adjustments in contract sum and practical completion date, and understand the contract mechanisms surrounding these aspects of the contract;
• Have a more detailed understanding of the tasks and workflows throughout CA, in relation to the management of Time and Cost;
• Understand how these mechanisms can be utilised to keep control of a project on site and manage project risk.

Launceston 28 March 2-3.30pm Register

Hobart 29 March 1-2.30pm Register

Business Strategy & Growth By Paula McCarthy: Working Dynamics, adviser to leading Australian architects

Join Paula McCarthy to understand more about strategic planning, options for growth, and gain insights into targeted interventions that transform and/or turn-around business operations. One of Australia’s leading strategic coaches and advisers to architects and construction industry professionals in a workshop that prepares, focuses and motivates you to accelerate your company’s development.

Dynamics specialises in architectural and construction industry firm development, and is led by is one of Australia’s leading business, sales and performance experts, Paula McCarthy, who is also an architect by background.

Following on from sessions at the AIA Victoria in late 2017, this workshop is for owners, entrepreneurs, practice managers and other aspiring professionals. It will inform, focus and motivate attendees to accelerate and improve company development in 2018. The session will include individual reflection exercises that enable participants to:

    • Reflect upon key industry wide changes, threats and opportunities;
    • Begin assessing their own company’s stage of development;
    • Understand different patterns of company growth and change;
    • Step back and review the current business situation;
    • Explore case studies of some different options or tactics for development; and
    • Set some high-level goals for 2018-2020.

Hobart: 9.30am - 12.30pm Wednesday 14 March, Register
Launceston: 1pm-4pm Thursday 15 March, Register

Innovations in Timber and Design by Richard Maddock from Foster + Partners London

Join Richard Maddock from Foster + Partners as he discusses the innovations in timber and design employed by their practice across a variety of projects.

Hobart: 1-2pm Friday 2nd March, Centre for Architecture, 1/19a Hunter St. Register

Launceston: Evening TBC Monday 5th March, UTAS School of Architecture & Design, 8 Invermay Rd. Register

BIM and Construction Documentation with John Mitchell

Join us as John Mitchell from CQR Pty Ltd, Building Smart, NSW and chairman of the Australasian BIM Advisory Board Executive Committee, discusses the benefits and methods of using BIM in construction and documentation.

Hobart: 1-3pm Monday 5th February, Centre for Architecture, 1/19a Hunter St.

Launceston: 1-3pm Tuesday 6th February, UTAS School of Architecture & Design, 8 Invermay Rd.



CPD in Tasmania

In Tasmania, the Building Act 2000 requires accredited building practitioners to undertake CPD.

Accredited architects may undertake either the Accredited Building Practitioners' generic CPD scheme or the CPD program outlined in the joint AACA/Australian Institute of Architects Joint CPD Policy.

The Accredited Building Practitioners generic CPD program is available online.

For those seeking to undertake the Institute CPD program please read the AACA/Australian Institute of Architects Joint CPD Policy.

For more information about the Institute's CPD for architects, see the Continuing professional development page on this website.

Refuel Tasmania

In addition to hosting seminars and National Seminar Series events, the Tasmania Chapter offers a range of seminars and CPD oppurtunities including:

  • Interstate Speaker Series
  • Local Speaker Series
  • ArchiTECH
  • Pics in the Pub

The Interstate and Local Speaker Series presents exceptional and inspiring architects from Tasmania and interstate for talks in Hobart and Launceston.

ArchiTECH provides architects with detailed technical advice on building products.

Pics in the Pub is held in a local waterfront pub and brings together the local architectural community to talk about their own work and experiences.

Recording CPD

It is the individual’s responsibility to maintain their own CPD records. (For more information see About CPD.)

CPD events held by the Tasmanian Chapter since 2010 are listed below for your reference.

Tas CPD Record 2017

Tas CPD Record 2016

Tas CPD Record 2015

Tas CPD Record 2014

Tas CPD record 2013

Tas CPD record 2012

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Tas CPD record 2010

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