It is my great pleasure to present members with a summary of the Institute’s new Strategy 2018-2020.

The Strategy sets out a clear and compelling vision for our profession that recognises the unique contribution architects make in promoting community and inspiring clients through exceptional design and an ethical approach to delivering our built environment.

The new strategy charges the Institute, as the profession’s peak body, with delivering measurable outcomes around our three core pillars of advocacy, education and practice. It refocuses the Institute’s work around six strategic goals that will continue to strengthen the architectural profession in Australia and amplify our public voice. These goals have been summarised in the easy to read document available from the link below. A full operational version has also been developed and now forms the basis for future planning.

The final document is the culmination of almost a year’s worth of detailed consultations with members, our executive team, Board, National Council and National Committee Chairs and I take this opportunity to recognise and thank them for their efforts and expert input. Their insights have helped craft a robust strategy that reflects the priorities of our membership and identifies the outcomes that will deliver the most value to the profession and our communities.

I commend the strategy to you and look forward to the dividends its implementation will deliver for our members and our profession.
Our achievements in 2017 have created a strong foundation from which to launch our ambitious new strategy with a refreshed vision and mission. Our organisational restructure, the establishment of new national committees, completion of necessary IT upgrades, a review of our programs and activities and an increased focus on policy initiatives position the Institute to successfully achieve the strategic goals we have agreed in consultation with members.

Defining our work in 2018 and beyond around core activities will assist the Institute to maintain focus and effectively allocate resources to mission-critical programs. Importantly, we have set measurable indicators of success against each of our strategic goals thereby enabling enhanced transparency and accountability in the service we provide to members.

The invaluable input from members in the process of building and shaping the new strategy ensures that our work is relevant, precisely targeted and calibrated to achieve maximum results in furthering the interests of members and the profession.

I look forward to leading the Institute’s implementation of this new strategy and achieving our clearly defined mission to develop and promote a strong architectural profession and be the public voice for architecture.